“My name is Elizabeth Bennet and I have been told that you can alter my story.”

“But you and Darcy are one of the greatest love stories ever written.  What more could you want?”

“I fear that you do not know the true conditions under which my family is forced to live Miss Gwen and I would like your help.”

“How do you know my name?”

“Everyone in Story knows your name.  King Arthur and his Queen are quite taken with you.”

“Great.  So, what can I possibly do for you, Miss Bennet?”

“My mother plans to marry Jane off to the odious Mr. Collins, for one thing.  And it would work in my favor if you could move the story line along a bit more quickly.”

“I’m not sure what you mean about the story line.”

“Jane is in love with Mr. Bingley.  I believe he is in love with her as well.  If he plans to ask for her hand he must do it immediately, before my sister’s life is destroyed by the dreadful Mr. Collins.   I would also ask that you make my mother less shrill and hysterical, so that my father may have some peace and quiet.  And I ask that we be financially secure, so that we are no longer at the mercy of relatives and arranged marriages.  As for Lady Catherine….”

“You want ME to rewrite Pride and Prejudice?”

“In fact, I do, Ms. Gwen.  I do indeed.  I see no reason to suffer because we are penniless and the rules of society impinge upon our lives in such away that we must accept our lot in life.  Admittedly, I do not know what lies ahead but if the future differs from my request, then I wish you to alter what comes next.”

“I hardly know what to say, Miss Bennet.”

“Say that you will help me, Miss Gwen.  Say that you will do it.”

“You know that Darcy loves you from the minute he sees you.  He loves that you are headstrong and as independent as it is possible for a woman to be, at the time.”

“I do not know that,” Miss Gwen.  That is exactly what I am saying.  Chapters move slowly and we are stuck between the pages.”

“I would like to change your mother and your father, for that matter.  If he had a backbone, she wouldn’t have to carry the family load by herself.”

“My father’s spine appears to be in fine form, from what I can see.  But though I love my  father dearly, I do understand what you are saying, Mis Gwen.  He shirks his responsibilities when it suits him.  Sadly, it suits him far too often.”

“Miss Bennet.  You must know that people love you the way you are.  They love the story as it has been written.”

“It pains me to say this, Miss Gwen, but the gentle readers do not, in fact, share our lives.  I believe it is up to us to choose our own destiny.”

“Actually, that task fell to Jane Austen.  If I make the changes you ask for, no one will recognize…”

“Forgive me but I care not for the opinions of others, Miss Gwen.  Not when it comes to the happiness of my family.”

“I’m afraid I cannot help you, Miss Bennet.  Would you care for a bit of lunch?”

“You are very kind.”

“It is my pleasure.”

“Can you do nothing at all to help me?”

“Actually, I can.”

“And what is that?”

“When you return to your home, tell Jane that Bingley adores her. Tell her not to marry Collins, horrid man that he is.  Tell her that you know, for a fact, that in time, Bingley will find his way to her.  As for you, perhaps you can stop Darcy from telling Bingley that Jane isn’t good enough for him because of her financial situation.   If that conversation does not take place, Bingley will follow his heart.”

“I dare say that is very good advice. Although I admit that I am shocked to know that Mr. Darcy would speak out against my sister for something that is not within in her control.”

“In the future, you will make him see the folly of his ways.”

“I shall leave at once, to interfere in what is taking place with regard to Mr. Collins.  We expect him to arrive tomorrow.”

“Your father respects you and will listen to what you have to say.  He does not want Jane to marry Collins but he refuses to involve himself in family affairs.  As for increasing your income, I have nothing to offer.  If Jane and Bingley marry earlier, that may ease your discomfort.  If you and Darcy marry earlier, I dare say, that will help quite a lot.”

“Marry Mr. Darcy? Me?  Surely you are mistaken, Miss Gwen.  We are often at odds and I find him mulish and arrogant.”

“That will change in future chapters.  Trust me.”

“I have no knowledge of future events, Miss Gwen, but I fear you are sadly mistaken about my relationship with Mr. Darcy.”

“He loves you and can think of no one else.”

“Again, you are quite mistaken.  He loves me not.”

“You are in for a surprise, Miss Bennet.”

You have my gratitude for the food you have shared.  I am grateful for your advice, as well.”

“You and your family are well loved.”

“I cannot imagine why but I am grateful nonetheless. I must return to my family, such as it is.  Lady Catherine does not endorse me, Miss Gwen.  I fear that poverty is a handicap where I come from.”

“Poverty is a handicap no matter where one comes from, Miss Bennet.”

“I’m sure you are correct in that assessment.  I shall take my leave.  May happiness be yours, Miss Gwen.”

“And yours, Miss Bennet.”

Gwen threw her lunch bag into the trash, recycled her water bottle, and went back to the library, thinking that life was getting more and more interesting as the days went by.

“I thought she’d never leave,” said a raspy male voice.

Gwen turned and saw an old man, dressed in a blue and silver robe. He had a staff in his right hand and he looked cross.  “Merlin?”

“You were expecting someone else?


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8 Responses to Elizabeth…

  1. Elizabeth Bennett was my mother’s maiden name. She passed away in 2004. She was 88 years old…

    • Was she named after the character in Pride and Prejudice? That is fascinating and I’m happy she had a long, hopefully happy life. My mom died at 69. Whenever they leave us, it’s too soon. Beautiful name.

      • Who she was named after, is anybody’s guess. My mother was a quiet person, and I more or less take after her…

      • She sounds lovely. My mom was quiet…I am not. Poor soul had to put up with me. Your mom had someone like her and that must have been wonderful.

      • It was wonderful, and everybody liked her.

      • You were a lucky man. Everyone liked my mom too but we were so different that I wasn’t the favorite and I was an only child. She just loved peace and quiet an I was always trying to change the world, even when I was small. That was hard for her but I couldn’t stop myself. I tried to make her see the injustice all around us but she simply wanted to bake and listen to music and be happy. We don’t always get what we want. We got along but we never understood each other.

  2. Oh wow we have a new series!!! ❤

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