Okay, so…here’s what I think…not for religious people

Human beings are inherently evil, vile, violent, hateful, and murderous.  Now, if you believe those traits are good traits, then we are fabulous.  If you believe those traits are bad traits, then we are doing poorly, no matter how you try to fudge the stats.

The god, most people in this country believe in, was heavily into violence.  That god sent his only son to die, just like people send their sons to die in war for…well, we don’t really know what for, it just seems to be the thing to do…have a son and send him to die.

I find it interesting that he, who supposedly made everyone in his own image (obviously a hermaphrodite), chose to create sin and make it such a bad thing that his only child would have to die for the sins he made up in the first place.  If he was making everything up, why would he do that?   So in the beginning (pun intended), people who didn’t have a clue as to what a sin was, were automatically committing them by being born, all because of an apple.  Again, why did god set things up that way?  Did he think that by murdering his own son he would get rid of the competition?   There is very little mention of Lilith, by the way.  But that’s another story.  And adam and eve had kids without marriage. I don’t know how that sin could not be glaring to everyone.  Wow, sex before marriage and no counseling.  Big mistake.  I’m sure it was eve’s fault and he accidentally fell on top of her. Or maybe it was the bloody boredom of being the only two evil people made in god’s image, on the entire earth.  That would be enough to make anyone build their own snake.  Personally, I think the snake represents the male, no doubt about it, but the guys who wrote the story didn’t want to take the rap for raping eve, so they made the snake the fall guy.  It’s a theory, okay?  Just a theory about a fairy tale.  Anyway the whole thing was a set up.  How can you argue with that?

If you create something and think that what you created is so sinful and horrific that your son has to die for what YOU made, then we’re talking about an insane and vicious entity. Why didn’t god take responsibility for his own made up sins (one of which would be to knowingly sending your kid to die), when he could have just killed himself?  Many parents would gladly die for their children, but not god.  Nope…sent his son to clean up the mess he CREATED on purpose.  As crazy as we are, I don’t think that even we would do that, well not most of us, anyway.  The guy killed his child, rather than protect him.  He did it to cover his own evilness.  Well, that’s the way I see it.  My son died of leukemia, not for anyone’s sins and my love and I would have gladly changed places with him, if it meant he could live.  Nothing to think about, actually.  Our answers would have been, “hell, yes.” So, he’s vile, heartless and needs to be put down.  Anyway…

If I were god I would make sugar good for everyone, junk food would be health food and no one would gain weight, get sick. be unkind to…or eat animals, destroy the planet, or dislike anyone else. But hey, that’s just me.   Apparently the god that people choose to believe in is pretty evil, entrapping followers, terrorizing them and, as I’ve said before, using rapists as his front men.  

See that’s the thing.  Everything here is bad.  We are shown the carrot but told that if we catch it, we will get sick, or die, from eating it…think brownies and ice cream with warm chocolate syrup poured over it.  Anything we like is not really good for us…because god is an evil, game playing, hateful…well, you know where I’m going with this, right? You have to jump through hoops, so that when you die you can sit next to him.  That only happens if he forgives you for doing all the things he made you do in the first place. How does that work? It doesn’t.  It was never supposed to work.

And free will is a ridiculous concept.  There is no such thing as free will…we are controlled and manipulated at every turn, from the moment we take our first breath.  The world is made up of rules, in case you haven’t been paying attention.  If you break them and get caught, you are punished…hardly free will.  If you eat a candy bar and gain weight, you are punished by the extra pound you gain for doing something that gives you pleasure.  See, PLEASURE in not really allowed here.  You had the free will to say no, to the candy bar, but that is the punishment for desire.  There is a price tag for everything.  Everything good, well, you pay a lot for that.  Everything bad, costs even more, especially if you believe in god.  There is no winning, not here.

Pleasure, in all it’s forms, is sinful and we make sure of that by making up rules that most people cannot follow.  By having bakeries and shelves and shelves of junk food and beautiful men and women, and lots of fun things that are all bad for us, in the sin department because earth and life are just nasty and hateful and punishing.  You don’t get a medal for not eating an entire chocolate cake, unless you give it to yourself.  We think it’s a test of will power not to eat it but we should BE ABLE to eat it for free. That’s the way it would be in a KIND AND LOVING world.  We look at everything backward.  We BELIEVE all the lies about what this place IS.    The god who supposedly MADE this mess is blaming us for it and throwing us to the wolves, just like he threw his son away.    If you don’t MAKE sin, no one can sin.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that.  If you want people to be happy, you don’t put them in a cage with all the hateful things YOU made.  Who would want to sit next to him after death?  I wouldn’t invite him over for lunch, if he was real, that is.  He’s a creepy and hateful concept.  And if he does exist and I meet him when I leave here, I’ll kill him.

One more thing…and this is touchy but important.  I have a gold cross that my grandmother gave to me as a tiny child.  It’s somewhere in my house, and I keep it because I love her, even though she’s been gone for a million years and I don’t like it.  But here’s the thing, in a world of love why would anyone wear a tortured and bleeding, dead man around their neck?  Think about that?  Why not a beautiful image of Jesus when he was a child or a young man?  It’s because we are a death loving people.  People who love suffering.  That’s the only thing I can think of.  People could wear ANY other symbol but that’s the one people wear.  If a teenager work a necklace of dead and bleeding animals around his neck, his parents would take him to counseling.  People wear death with pride.  They wear death around their necks and put death on their walls and in their cars.  That is how much we love death.  The fact that wearing death could have some kind of effect on a person’s psyche, doesn’t seem to enter into it.  Huge crosses in churches…death.  blood running down the sides of statues, death/suffering.  Stained glass windows showing more death, more suffering, severed heads and betrayal.  Oh yeah, we are a happy species.  People love it.  THAT’S why this planet is the way it is. The history books are filled with war and men killing each other.  We never celebrate peace we MURDER those who speak for peace.  The John, Bobby, Martin…all murdered in a world where peach had NO PLACE.   People worship and celebrate DEATH, not LIFE.  And until we turn that around, there is absolutely no hope.  

Wars are fought for gods that don’t exist.  Death, hatred, evil, in the name of gods, that don’t exist, except in the minds of the believers.  War, sins, death, bleeding men on crosses, that’s what meany humans are made of.



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6 Responses to Okay, so…here’s what I think…not for religious people

  1. Right to the punch, and I agree. With on exception, or rather a minor technicality. I say God does exist, billions of him, solely in the mind of the believer, that is. But I don’t think that makes him any less real, per se. Certainly no less dangerous. In fact, I think more so. They use their imaginary God to justify them any action and forgive them any sin. It’s quite a comforting arrangement, don’t you think?

    And the authorities play religion it to the hilt. And why not? It works so damnably well for their purposes.

    Well said, Gigi.

  2. Amazing, insightful, important and relevant post.

  3. RMW says:

    I have often thought about the kind of “god” I would be, which is why I can’t believe in the “god” the human race has made up and accepted, no matter what religion is expressed. First of all, if I was all-powerful I would create people who are born old and as the years go by, become younger. I know they made a movie about this subject, but I thought of it decades ago. I am pissed off at any “god” who didn’t think of this simple concept! My idea of “heaven” is not sitting at the right hand of “god” but sitting in a bar at the beach, people watching, drinking gin & tonics and eating pizza with no ill effects for eternity!

    • LOLOLOL so you believe in heaven then???? Ha, what a great idea and what a fabulous way to spend the rest of our days. On the beach. Oh, and getting tan, with no ill effects and no sun screen…going old school. Love this. Thank you. I can’t stop smiling. Fabulous.

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