I don’t think the majority believe this, but I could be wrong. It’s disgusting that anyone running on this platform could be elected. What a hateful place this country has become…


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  1. I’m thinking the majority is not on board with that but apparently enough to get us in the mess were in

    • Absolutely. And that’s is horrifying. Illinois is a blue state and really, when thinking about moving, things like that have to be taken into consideration. Having said that, not all the people in any state are all one thing. Still…that would be important to me.

    • Echo says:

      Or that’s just what the media wants you to think so that you will fear your neighbors and never be collective enough to question the regime lol. It sounds nuts but when you think about it…

      • Oh, it’s all manipulation, no doubt about it. I stopped watching and reading everything. I don’t like to play those games so I don’t. I can’t change anything and apparently there are no laws in place to stop someone like him from being in office. If there were he would break them, just as he does all of the other laws and we let him. Sick. The other countries have written us off and I don’t blame them. I have too, actually. He’s just another puppet of the 1% and the only way to topple them is to stop using money and make our own. Money is power. Take away the money and you take away the power.

      • Echo says:

        Right. I’ve thought all that stuff too and it was depressing af. But lately I’ve been trying to “get my power back” and I had the thought that, in theory, there’s probably a LOT we as a country could do to get rid of him if we wanted. We’d have to stop taking the medias word for each other and stop the infighting (at least a little) first. Which sounds impossible but again, that’s not a thing I want to take as fact atm. Our generation is coming of age now, it’s our world baby let’s see what we can do while we’re here lol. I have to start browsing the news for things I might need to protest if trump is already causing a ruckus somewhere. I’m honestly not sure Bc I’ve been so busy. And Bc I hate knowing that shit but I’m done being uncomfortable in my own home on such a depressingly frequent basis. I feel the need to at least try to do something (idk what lol) to help. But again I’m new to this thinking so I could be very naive and wrong. Probably that is the case lol. xo

      • The media is a puppet of the rich and powerful. They stoke the fires of hatred and point out our differences. They do nothing at all to bring us together. I stopped paying attention to all of it a long time ago. It’s all lies and posturing. There is NO MONEY IN PEACE. There is money in war and that’s why war never ends.I don’t know what will help right now. The rules have changed. Washington is not listening to the people, they have gone rogue and are just doing whatever they want for themselves. They don’t care about the people and that’s why demonstrating won’t work any longer. All the things we used to do, are suddenly useless. We need to find new things that make a difference. I don’t know what those things are. We have few friends in government, right now. The bad guys, don’t care about the citizens. The rest of the world has dropped us and we have few connections wth them anymore. Even tourism is down by at least 16% because people don’t really want to come her any longer. We are cutting our own throats with hatred power mongering and having a moron and his henchmen in charge.

      • Echo says:

        Exactly right. Something def changed but after some thought it seems to me that the only change is they no longer care to hide how disgusting they are so much and I assume that’s bc they think they’ve about got us as dumb and placid as they were hoping to. So they do blatantly wrong/illegal shit and we’re just like wtf…but we haven’t done anything yet. They don’t think we will and that pisses me the fk off. I took inventory and found I don’t actually know anyone that dumb OR ignorant. I do know ppl who are sad and confused about it all tho. Ppl also kinda want to talk about it but aren’t sure how so I encourage if/when I can and that seems to open their minds a little which seems to help them in their day to day. And that, imo, is what really matters. Powers that be wanna move to mars so to them u say cyabye. They might as well be there now for all they care about the rest of the world. No plans we make including them and their current system of control will work, you’re right. It’ll have to start with talks like this one. It’s already started to be honest. Next part maybe is just realizing that people seem to be thinking, despite what the media says (which like it or not gets filtered back to us in the form of blanket judgements we still make about each other on autopilot atm), and they also seem to be unhappy with the state of things in general so that’s a beginning point we can all agree on and start there. Current system is fubar. Revolutions don’t have to be violent. That’s their way. If they don’t care about the ppl we should stop paying them bc if I remember right, they’re supposed to be working for US. Sounds like we’ve already fired them in every way but we keep sending paychecks lol. If it were my call alone, I would not have paid taxes and never would. I’d remove their (illegal, if they’re fired) hold on my paychecks too, allowing me more $$ to spend on the things I personally want to improve. Seems silly that the one and only say we have in our lives is voting every few yrs and we don’t even really get a say in who we vote for since we don’t pick who runs ffs lol. Gotta be a better way…
        Unfortunately I do think it will have to be a new kind of “protest” like you said, and it will be in the breaking of some laws (like my tax thing) that don’t make any sense in our current state. There’s a few of them, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be breaking them as they come up and I hope you all will riot when they arrest me Bc I’m using my one phone call on you 😜kidding but not really. If you ever do hear of something like that happening let me know so I can pitch a huge fuss about it. We’ve gotta make noise and support each other I think, to get anywhere. The world has dropped our leaders, not us. They can’t even know us bc real ppl aren’t on tv, causing global problems or otherwise. So I don’t blame them for that judgement and I don’t think they’d keep it long if I could magically have my way here for a sec lol! But their view will change with the temperature I think. We don’t need outside help to deal with a few snobby asshats that WE employ. We are enough on our own we just need to realize that. We have done a lot to injure the world but as soon as that stops and we stop looking like we’re a bunch of spoiled toddlers (bc we threw them away lol) they’ll visit again. They may even let US visit lol xo

      • Echo says:

        Oh the make our own money thing…I’ve thought that too and I for one fkn hate money and the slavery it makes of the world. I’m all for a new kind of currency. Something like the kind of situation that would seem post-apocalyptic now but is really more like how we were before we went wrong and I haven’t figured out when that was yet lol. Thoughts?

  2. Here is a thought, when the majority is against something it changes. When the majority do nothing it is a sign of acceptance.

  3. You are absolutely right. Sadly, it’s not just what this is doing to our country but it’s doing to the others as well.

  4. cindy knoke says:

    It is disgusting.

    • Oh, yes, so disgusting and the fact that there is no legal way to stop him, that is already in place, is even more disgusting. When people say that anyone can become president, they obviously mean it.

      • Echo says:

        You sure there’s no way?
        There is ALWAYS a way. lol true story xo

      • Sometimes I don’t think there’s any common ground on which to build and this seems like one of those times. I just heard of another woman who is going to divorce her husband (for different reasons as well) because he voted for trump and that means he voted against women. A lot of us can’t feel the same way about people if they voted for him. I don’t think there’s anyway to fix this. There’s no way to talk to people who wear white sheets…none at all. Civil war maybe but that seems insane. Just more killing and that never really accomplishes anything. Anyway, I gave up believing that there’s always an answer. I hope you’re right.

      • moonmaenad says:

        I have disowned a brother and sister and a slew of cousins…I don’t regret it for a minute. They supported a mobster who threatens our very lives and that means they r part of that threat-if they vote for my enemy they r my enemy too..

      • moonmaenad says:

        I will not condescend to them nor allow them to remain in my life for they have attacked my civil liberties and didn’t care about me as they did so…they must learn to every action there r consequences

      • Echo says:

        I’ve felt that way too but then I made it simple with one thing and now I have kind of a list of very basic things we can all agree on as humans starting with something as simple as we all agree there’s both light and dark. We agree there’s both good and bad and that there’s a difference between them regardless of what you believe in or how you define them. I don’t think there’s a human that believes EVERYthing is either bad OR good. So we agree on that fundamental thing. You’d be surprised how far you can expand just that one thing to a little more peace amongst us all (citizens I mean not the ones who own us. The last thing they want is us all being friends which is why I think we should tbh). I’ve wanted to write about this theory but it’s a tough thing to organize for others to read. You need a map in my head lol.
        Omg that woman…I wanna laugh but it’s so sad. Her Hub voted, most of us did, does that really redefine who we are as a human? Regardless of choice I mean. We’re so fkn hard on each other…
        I actually didn’t vote bc I did not like ANYone and couldn’t stomach voting against myself by picking the lesser of two evils. I don’t judge anyone else for voting tho ofc. I like to think we’re all just doing the best we can atm. Tho I wonder if everyone had come to my own conclusion and just didn’t show up what would’ve happened lol. Poor D.C. woulda been SO confused. Rofl wish I’d thought of it sooner, if we don’t like the candidates I suppose we don’t have to vote for them and we’d come up with a new plan. Or they’d have to officially declare that they plan on planting a despot anyway lol and we’d finally get to fight the real bad guys.
        Anyway I guess it depends on a persons reasons for making their choices and I’ve personally started asking those questions. You might not like that answer either but at that point it’s your choice to decide how you feel about it and what you’ll do. I like/get along with everyone til they make it impossible somehow but that usually requires them to DO something not just claim to believe a certain way or not. I don’t mind disagreeing respectfully. I think ppl just need to talk more. If someone chooses something I can’t wrap my head around I’ll ask em questions til they quit me or I come to some sort of understanding but rarely do I have to write anyone off completely without them first causing me some legit discomfort somehow.
        Those ppl wearing sheets…I get that. If you could get into their head completely somehow and trace the history of the thought/feeling that led them to the sheet though you’d probably be surprised. What they did with it is CLEARLY wrong. A thing most humans agree on actually Bc nobody wants to be the object of such hate and no one deserves it. My point is that it is just possible enough to just (at the very least) coexist. In this country I’m pretty sure the non-sheet wearing population greatly outnumbers those that do and therefore we could probably figure something out without killing each other or infringing on anyone’s natural rights. I guess there’s always gonna be ppl that decide to hate other people. They can feel however they want if they never act on it. Managing this kinda thing would have to start VERY small Bc it requires life/people to be handled on a situation by situation basis which is a pace most ppl consider far too slow. I think it’s worth it tho and the only real way to get any change and so I move that we first boycott the media lol. Well make up our own minds about each other maybe if they stfu for a min lol. I guess I decided not to feel like a thing was impossible until I’d tried it and found it to be true. So I started with my own outlook and now I’m leaving ridiculously long comments on ppls blogs to help em feel less sad about our situation. Which brings us that much closer to my theory that if we all talked/understood each other more we’d be a lot better off. See? It’s working already hahaha 😜 I hope that makes some kinda sense. Maybe there’s always an answer, maybe it’s what we do with the answers we get that matters Bc unless you’re a sicko bent on causing harm, there’s no reason we can’t just accept a person as separate from ourselves and therefore has a right to their own feels regardless of popular consent. I’m sitting here trying to think of a situation in which this can’t reasonably be handled…abortion? Well there are doctors who can and will do it, and women who believe they need/want one. I guess it could be boiled down then to a business transaction between the parents and the doctor and nobody else really needs to know? Just saying as an example not that I’m right tbc lol. I don’t see the need for a law one way or the other in that scenario either so I’m probably missing a few key points here. But if there’s really no need for a law and we could all agree that’d be so super! That’s a big ol platform for those fkrs in power I’d love to take it away from em lol anyway sorry this is a damn book now shutting up xoxo

      • While I agree with some of the things you’re saying, if you’ve never been in the streets, with the bad guys, you may not know that talking is not a possibility. The “laws” such as they are, only work for certain people and we have stood in front of a police station while the bad guys were hitting women with metal signs, as the cops looked out the window at us. They got orders from a church, not to help us, even though we had a permit to demonstrate. Many of the people you are talking about don’t want to talk, they want to force their beliefs on other people. Many of us got rid of relatives and friends because they voted for trump. It showed us what they stood for and what those people stood for was not freedom but enslavement and involved more control and violence against women. There’s nothing to talk about. Yes, I think that most mother’s in the world, not all, but most, would agree that they didn’t want their kids to die in war. The problem is that women don’t have any power to change things. Millions of mother’s/women could sit in a field demanding an end to war and nothing would change. They don’t have enough money or power to make that change. Unless they hide their children and keep them from GOING to war, the status quo will remain the same. Unless the women can overthrow their respective governments, nothing will change. People who are against abortion are not against bombing clinics and killing doctors. The right wing wants to control women, their sexuality and they want to punish women for having sex and for having choices. They want them poor, dependent and powerless. That’s what trump wants as well…that’s why we cut people who voted for him out of our lives. If you haven’t dealt with groups of people who are against what you believe in, then you can’t really grasp the scope of their hatred and determination. Many people just want power over others and we can’t let that happen. People need to be free to make their own choices and not be forced by disgusting and unfair laws to live the way others want them to live. This country was founded upon a separation between church and state but no one seems to REMEMBER that.

        Making our own money and using it is one way to overthrow the power people. Something like already exists, albeit on a very small scale. Money is power. Take away the money and you take away the power.

        People have the right to be who they are and do as they please as long as it doe not affect anyone else. The KKK kills freedom and spreads hatred, fear and death. Groups like that get their power from those things…from hatred.

        No one has to vote but by not voting people allow others to vote for them. That’s how the moron got in. It won’t happen again. Silence=Death…that old saying is still true. I can understand why the is going to divorce her husband. I don’t blame her. He voted against her as a woman. Against her civil liberties. He voted for control over her body, for violence against her. She’s doing the right thing. Women’s lives are not a joke. She knows that. That’s why we walked away from the people we walked away from. I’ll do that every time.

      • Echo says:

        Aw yeah unfortunately I do know all about bad guys on a very personal lvl. Ppl like that I lump in with the sheet wearers and government ppl Bc their minds are just as single celled. Humans are able to use logic and reasoning to some degree and that has nothing to do with who/what we are we just have that ability. If a person refuses to use this gift in favor of doing whatever the hell they want without considering the consequences or the price others have to pay for it, then they’re not really human lol. They are tho, bc humans also have potential and the ability to change and writing ppl off completely makes me sad so I try not to. But yeah the Powers love bad guys that’s why they write laws in their favor all the time lol. Gun control only controls ppl that actually know and care to obey the law, something criminals tend to avoid. Same with drugs. And pretty much everything. You’ll find your own rights constantly diminishing while they seem to keep doing whatever they want and that’s Bc, obviously, bad guys don’t care about the rules. Duh! So why is this still how the Power does things? We pay them to think of solutions to this shit, no? What DO we pay them for anyway? I’m really asking lol. I can’t remember.
        Im devastated by your cop story when was this?! Not that it matters I guess but I’m wondering if this is happening somewhere as we speak and if we’re browsing the headlines maybe it should be for stuff like that so we can start reaching out. I’m gonna try to do that actually. It’ll take a lil digging bc they won’t make national headlines, gotta start local. Maybe recruit a team of ppl who would also like to stop that sort of abuse from every state and boom you’ve got an eye on a bunch of shit lol. I’ll do mine, you do yours and we’ll get goin! Lol crazy enough to work maybe.
        I hope that ppl ask their friends and relatives why they voted before they get rid of em. I swear so many ppl did it like a deer in headlights and shouldn’t be judged for that. I still feel guilty for not voting Bc that’s “the right thing to do” but imo there was no such option in the past election so I just…didn’t. Ppl judge me pretty harshly for that but hopefully you can see I did my best at the time, agree with me or not. I’ve had to learn I can’t control ppls feels but I will always do my best. Humanity will never agree on everything but I feel like we could learn to live with each other in a healthy way. I never have an answer for the bad guys you actually meet tho. They’ll always be here too I guess but we don’t have to pay them to run the county anymore. And I bet we could find a more effective way to deal with them too, if they weren’t in power anymore.
        Women def need another shot at being respected in a human lvl. We have a shit ton to offer, if we’re allowed to BE women. We were born into a world that had made a lot of ignorant judgements. Some ppl don’t even realize they’ve adopted this thinking or why it’s wrong Bc it was always there, like the moon. And racism. But those aren’t MY wars. I genuinely enjoy the differences in ppl it’s the spice of life! At some point someone told someone to hate someone and they believed it. Well…I don’t. And neither do you. And I bet if you asked around you’d find others who say the same or realize they do while speaking with you. I know I was surprised lol. Women before us have made change with a lot less numbers and power and probably little to no money, since men would’ve had to give them an allowance at the time for that and they would’ve def been denied…problem is in our own sex we continue to judge and hate. As women we want the same thing but we judge each other, abusively, for not being “woman” enough. Or not being “feminist”. I say show me the definition and we’ll figure that shit out lol. If we could stop biting each other we might make progress but if the girls who are vocal are also exclusive and bitchy to the very ppl they wanna help we’re not gonna get anywhere you’re right. See some of this stuff is just old stuff we have and hold onto without thinking or knowing why. We’d probably drop it if we knew we were hurting ourselves so figuring out what harm is coming from Power and what we do to ourselves is impt. The PtB (powers that be lol) does enough to make us hate each other. We should do our best to find the truth about each person and THEN decide to hate them lol. If we must.
        I’ve definitely been the recipient of a lot of hate. I try not to speak on subjects I don’t have some kind of personal experience with..just so you know I’m not a dick lol.
        I don’t get it for things that i believe in very often tho and I think that’s Bc I ask ppl about themselves way more than I share myself. That’s Bc I think they don’t care lol, not out of fear. I’ve had ppl disagree and refuse to have a conversation about it and then they labeled me and ditched me before they even knew the end of my sentence. I try not to do that to ppl, even if I hate what they say I make sure that’s exactly what they’re saying before I say Nope! I do know the white hot hate of church ladies that would beat ppl with signs tho. They beat me up a lot too. I kinda wish it had been physical it might’ve healed quicker and it’s easier to point out and say for sure they did inhuman injustice. But yes…I’ve felt that feel too and I agree that it’s gross. They’re lumped in with anyone else who harms another there’s just no reason for that shit. Ever.
        Ever. And I think that’s actually something you could get most ppl to agree on. Bc they’d have to tell you if you asked that they would not want to receive that abuse themselves. Then you say well then you can’t do it to other ppl u have no right and…how do you respond to that? Logical ppl would say even begrudgingly that they’d give up their “right” to harm ppl to keep their own asses safe. Not everybody is an activist but most ppl are selfish lol. The golden rule is surprisingly effective in that debate.
        I can’t push for all hate to be gone bc that’s just not an achievable goal in my lifetime. I wish it was. I will do everything I can to leave this place better than I found it tho.

        Ooo…something already exists to replace money? Do tell! I’ve been racking my brains lol. If we stop giving them even the current kinda money like I said…lol man I really hate taxes sorry. They owe us tho…national debt my ass stop bitching and gimme my money.

        I know…I’m sorry and not sorry for not voting. I’ve always done it, always for someone unknown Bc I just didn’t like those that did but this yr I made the mistake of research and could not support ANY of them or any action at all that implied I did. I guess I told myself I’d write me off if I took that stance. The stance of doing what I was supposed to do just Bc I was supposed to it I mean. I don’t do that stuff anymore. Liberating. Plus…I just have this feeling. Idk how to say it but it seemed like it wouldn’t matter Soon who won anyway. I also have a feeling that the whole voting thing is not what we think it is and that when I do speak, it’ll be like this. For stuff like this. Bc this is actually us saying actual things, not some rich dick go between like anybody in any office ever. So I totally agree silence = death.
        Yeah if my Hub were to say to me he was in favor of women on any lvl but his own I’d kick him too. If he was the kinda guy that put humans on anything but the one lvl (human) I’d kick him for that too. I’d try to convince him first lol but yeah all for that.
        I’ve had to walk away too…I lost a lot. It’s the worst and I sympathize, aw I really do. I don’t judge I’m sorry if I ever implied that. I’m anti judgement. Always. Men and women actually work with the most grace a human can have when they work together. Harmony between us is obvious in my opinion. Ppl make judgements about other ppl way too fkn much and way too fkn fast. Let her prove she’s a bitch before you think it and if you DO think it for gods sake don’t say it. Not if you want her to stop. Not if you want to understand her or even live in a world where there aren’t any bitches Bc there’s no need for it…personal responsibility for everyone! Regardless of race/religion/sex/shoe size….no more shaming. No more judging. When u come across a dick ask them to remove themselves and go on with life. That’s my dreams anyway. We can def do better tho. We will. Xo

    • moonmaenad says:

      and his attempted destruction of the entire planet can’t be overlooked either…he’s a multi-tasker when it comes to annihilation and disrespect for all life..

  5. moonmaenad says:

    No, I don’t think the majority feel this way either or Hillary would not have won the popular vote…but, unfortunately, the minority that does feel this way r in positions of great power and authority…but we’re all working on changing that. Hopefully the evidence of corruption and collusion with Russia will be uncovered very soon & the biggest of these inhuman fascist bastards will be his way out of the WH and into a prison cell!

  6. Echo says:

    Stop fighting. We all want the same damn thing.

    • No, we don’t all want the same thing. That’s the problem. That’s how we got to this point. We all want something different.

    • moonmaenad says:

      who’s fighting???

      • moonmaenad says:

        that question is to Echo…i see no indication of anyone fighting here…we r having a discussion, and that’s educational and a very good thing

      • moonmaenad says:

        debate is a necessary thing in times of crises…and getting down and dirty is too…no mud, no lotus

      • Echo says:

        lol! I’m sorry! I said that all wrong…I meant “we” (collectively as humans ideally) should stop fighting bc we’re actually keeping ourselves from the things we want by doing so and focusing our energy on that struggle rather than improving ourselves (again collectively). People in general, if you really think about it, want the same things and actually agree on this fact but we don’t seem to think about the fact that the people we view in opposition to ourselves have the same wants/needs they just probably vocalize it differently. I have a theory that if we all (collectively) went about our days doing our life and simply respecting other humans as they did their day to day, there wouldn’t be much trouble. I think we’ve been fed a ton of lies about each other and, being born into a world that trusted the media, we believed them and screwed us up Bc now it’s all we can think about. I’d give a personal example if this weren’t already too long lol but hopefully I made up for my last comment lol I’m sorry. That’s what I get for trying to write when I was supposed to be working. xoxo

      • moonmaenad says:

        I still do not find agreement in your assessment that everyone “wants the very same things.” I do not think I want the same things (equality, protection of animal rights, health care for everyone, appreciation & respect for others, respect for the future of our endangered planet, civil liberties for all marginalized people) as trump supporters. Therein lies the polarization..we absolutely do not want the same things-that’s why we r essentially embroiled in a civil war…

      • moonmaenad says:

        And it’s a war we must win..u think trump’s supporters will ever come around?? No-because they envy everything the bastard represents-and that is most assuredly not good for anyone who isn’t part of that 1%..trumps minions don’t understand nor recognize this and haven’t the intelligence nor wisdom to figure that out..and we don’t have the time nor luxury to educate them

      • moonmaenad says:

        Yes, we all share fundamental needs and wants-food, comfort, decent housing and healthcare, and love and companionship-but that’s a very low bar and where the similarities end…

      • Echo says:

        Hm…at the risk of this blowing up due to misunderstanding, I’ll try to be more clear bc I think it’s important…
        I know that at first thought it really seems like you’d have nothing in common with someone on the other side of the proverbial picket line. I think you do, but it takes a little “weird” thinking. For one you both believe in standing up for what you believe in and making yourself heard. That’s good! You both think this place needs some major change. You disagree on what and how, for now, but if both sides were to realize that they’re basically looking in a mirror when they look at the other side (reverse image and all!) that’d be a great start to the kind of thought change we need here. Issues aside we all need to treat each other better and we need to stop making assumptions and judgements til someone actually pulls a dick move on us. We know racism is wrong Bc logically it makes no sense that a persons skin has anything to do with what’s inside of them as a human. It’s the same with Every diff in a human imo. I don’t judge ppl unless they insist on harming others knowingly and willingly. Spreading pain is never ok. You can disagree but do it respectfully, right? Sometimes I don’t even tell ppl I disagree I just ask them to explain their own stance and it becomes a conversation in which my position is implied but unimposing. I don’t do it on purpose lol but I did notice that it helped grow some understanding between us. It’s ok to agree to disagree and most of the things we fight about are institutions put in place by ppl long before we were born. Ppl have fought for yrs it’s just time for a new approach imo.
        What do we all want? Not to be fkd with, for one. Both sides can agree they’d like the freedom to live their lives without other ppl trying to harm them. So…what do YOU want? Most likely there’s a lot more who want it too, they just might have a diff way of saying it or achieving it. Or maybe they were fed a bunch of crap and believe a bunch of lies and so they hate you and wanna harm you for no reason. That’s always gonna be a thing you can’t live your life worrying about them. I guess I’m saying that if we all thought a little more, made judgements on an individual basis and talked a lot less shit about each other we’d be better off already. Personally I’m reviewing things I care about to see if I really do or if I do it Bc someone said I should. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of so called issues that are there just to divide and conquer this country. Ppl kill and die for that shit on the daily but both sides are baffled and that’s Bc it’s a made up fight. When a person treats me badly I confront them, not their friends and family and I only address the wrong they’ve done me personally I don’t punish them for generations. That doesn’t make any sense right?
        When it comes to my fellow humans you are friend until you prove yourself otherwise.
        I believe in people. I have hope. Even I’m disgusted by myself saying that lol but there’s more to it than that…I feel like it’s almost that time when one generation is kinda forced to hand the world over to the next and I’m excited bc I’ve met all kinds of us and we’re actually pretty badass and full of potential. We’re also a little lazy and hardheaded lol so it might take a minute but I think we WILL make some change. I think, ignoring the media, well soon discover the worst of it comes from someone at the top whispering bullshit in the ears of both sides of every line. In fact I wager that same entity drew the lines in the first place and bc they needed to inspire ppl to hand them their power, they invented platforms from which to campaign. This divided ppl immediately as issues were being created where once there weren’t any. Some things are drawn from antiquated and, frankly, individual religious beliefs and then they were exaggerated to ridiculous lengths. The men vs women thing that’s as old as the Bible at least lol. Those things shouldn’t be laws and they shouldn’t be a problem amongst neighbors either. Who cares if he believes in that god, he’s your neighbor and he makes a great burger and is good to his wife and kids. You don’t have to agree. Don’t even have to be friends. There’s the option of completely ignoring them, too. If they were tv you’d switch channels so just apply that to life and you’ll be ok.
        I do recommend talking to ppl you disagree with if you get the chance. I can’t predict the exact outcome lol ofc not. But I do think you might be surprised how much you can like a person.
        Btw what’s a marginalized person? I’m sorry I’m kinda out of the loop as far as vocabulary goes.
        I know a bunch of trump supporters that want those things. Family…the ones I actually really like as humans too believe it or not. Idk why they voted for him but I’m gonna ask now that we’re doing this lol. Curious.
        I did not vote. At all. I knew too much about everybody and I strongly disliked them all on some lvl and found myself wishing for an actual human to run for office some day.
        Haven’t we all?
        So where are all the human candidates I wonder lol. Something fishy about the whole thing which is another reason I couldn’t bring myself to vote.
        I have to ask tho…now that you know this piece of personal information, have you changed your mind about me?
        You listed some things that you’re passionate about and while my passions aren’t opposing at all they’re not the same either. But what you care about tells me some stuff about you such as you like justice, have a big heart, and…going out on a limb here…deep down you wish everybody would either shut up and leave you alone or be nice or at least human to each other in the day to day. I think…if one had to make a conclusion based on the nature of the things you stand for, they’d say you believe in good treatment for all things that breath (common sense in your opinion right?) You give it naturally and it boggles your mind that others don’t. Me too. That’s why I’m asking ppl questions. Don’t wanna throw babies out with old bath water and all that.
        I can tell you that the ppl I know that voted for trump also value these things. That’s a total of 7 I know for a fact and the part of my family that voted for him and meant it (I really don’t like them and never have it’s not trumps fault they suck it’s just coincidence lol) well they’re animal lovers too. They’re dicks if you ask them about their political stance ofc. But if you were to tell them what you value in life like you did me, they’d have to agree. If you put it in the form of a stance to take they will fight you and you can fight back if you want or you can say well I agreetoD and this is why and they will move on either in convo or in life but either way no harm done and no reason to actively disagree to a point of personally disliking someone you’ve never met just Bc of what you think they think of a thing.
        I don’t think we realize we do that. Ppl are waking up tho. Little by little so it’s a good time to test the water around you sometimes and see what’s in there.
        Ppl against equality for humans in general haven’t got a leg to stand on as far as debate goes. Can’t imagine the argument for that and if there is one I can’t imagine it’d survive the burden of proof so there can’t really be many humans who believe they should be superior here. They wouldn’t want it done to them and if you insist on something like that you better be ready for the ball to swing to the other extreme in which THEY are deemed inferior. I say we all wanna be treated like humans and can agree on that and if the deal is you get the treatment as long as you also give it and if you don’t you don’t then ppl on any side could handle that much compromise and we go on from there. Never said it’d be the easiest thing to do but it’s not as hard as we think it is either.
        Animal rights ok hm…are there really ppl who are actively AGAINST animals? Like what do they want exactly? Animals require even less energy to respect whether you like em or not so I can’t imagine any issue except that you care and other ppl think you shouldn’t. Kinda like church?
        We ALL want healthcare! Who doesn’t?! There are ppl who don’t? Like REAL ppl I mean not just the blanket called “republican”. I think we just disagree on the how. And I think it’s really the government disagrees with us Bc healthcare is their favorite income source I mean think about it lol. Gotta give it to em that’s a pretty smooth trick. But I think we can all agree we’re tired of it.
        I can’t imagine an actual person saying they don’t want appreciation and respect. They’d like to be mistreated and disrespected? Or they’d like to do that to others? Well we can probably all agree that’s ridiculous lol. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it right?
        Ok a lot of ppl don’t consider the planet but I think they would if all the fkn distractions disappeared and they were forced to actually like…live. I’d propose that the rule applies to earth like the sentient life on it…treat it with respect b it’s your home and you need it even if you think you don’t. What do you think they’d say? The environment is so tough Bc ppl take it for granted but you can’t just say ok fine screw up your yard but not mine. Earth doesn’t work like that we all kinda need each other. We should work on that. I guess issue by issue as they come up idk. I’ve been educating and reminding there ppl I know about nature and how awesome it is and they seem to be surprised that they hadn’t thought about it in a while lol. Too much tech dude…
        Civil liberties…an example of how one could be against them? I’m sorry…it’s been a while and I’m tired after all that ☝️lol. I hope I made some sense and didn’t just wreck your comment section for no reason. I honestly meant no harm. I basically believe that if nothing else, we need each other and that everyone has something to offer and different doesn’t automatically equal bad. I’m not a trump supporter btw. I’m generationNope.

      • moonmaenad says:

        I think in regards to candidates, it is not important we like them-tho I do like Hillary🤠👍🏽…it’s only important they share the important aspects of my agenda and political direction..I’m not inviting em for a weekend at the beach. U will never find any candidate completely to ur liking..and if u people like u don’t vote we end up with people like the ones who now occupy the WH..in essence, u helped put him there. And I’ve no desire to talk to nor educate people I don’t agree with..it’s a huge waste of time.. I know because I disagree with my entire family and we’ve discussed all our differences but we r all old enough to educate ourselves. I want to protect what’s left of our democracy not waste precious time on people who don’t share my sense of morality values..right now we need to get the bastard and his minions out of the WH and I don’t care how that happens..this resistance is not going to be a tea party..it will get down and dirty-that’s what happens when people r fighting for their lives. If u dont want to get dirty kiss ur health, happiness and liberties and those of millions of other good bye. Politics is a dirty game and not for the faint of heart nor starry eyed idealists. I’ve been an activist my entire life and I know..these philosophies u have will only help evil people further evil agendas. This is the real world and we were in danger the minute he took office. If u wanna do cumbaya with the enemy, and they r just that, that’s ur prerogative. I want to keep people outraged so we can overturn this fascism, misogyny, racism, greed and just plain stupidity. I’ve talked to more than a few people who feel as u do and u, in ur current incarnation, are a danger to our people and our country..oh, and “marginalized people” r people who are disregarded, silenced and threatened by any govt., people like me, and perhaps people like u. I want u to wake up–even Jesus said “I do not come to bring peace, but a sword..”

      • moonmaenad says:

        Ok…this is wrong on so many levels I need time to blow back..
        U do not vote for political candidate because u “like them”..u vote for them because the share the important points of ur political beliefs and are willing to work towards those ends. They r not people u have sex and/or dinner with…if u r waiting to vote for that “perfect candidate” that’s simply an excuse not to…that candidate does not exist. I’m gonna be straight with u here, if u didn’t vote u r one of the reasons trump is in the White House..part of a “collective” apathy…no one took this bastard seriously and look what happened..and u will never bring peace and unicorns into politics…it’s a dirty game so either jump in the mud or sit appeasing the opposition on the sidelines. I’ve been involved with many different resistance movements most of my life and I know of what I speak.. I’ve no desire nor interest in getting to know the enemy, yes, they r the enemy, I spent my life debating politics with my ignorant family, and it is a waste of your time. Right now we have a political crises destroying our nation and it ain’t due to polarization-it’s due to stupid and ignorant people who want to deprive other marginalized peopled their rights. Oh, and marginalized people r people who have minimal authority in govt. and r kept that way by patriarchal, racist and misogynistic bigotry. We don’t have the time to reason with the unreasonable-already the health and civil liberties of millions r in danger and the people who voted for trump are helping move that agenda right along. U have to make a decision here, do U want to protect your democracy and the lives of its people or do I fancy urself a peacemaker?? Well, u aren’t, u r simply strengthening the power of those who will take ur power away. Even Jesus said, “I do not come to bring peace but a sword..” this country is fragile right now and if u aren’t fighting with us u r fighting against us.. ud better pick a team or it will be chosen for u.

      • I understand what you’re saying…clearly. The thing I heard most often (pre election) was how many people hated Hillary. Had nothing to do with her ability, intelligence or past record. They hated her. Period. People are superficial. They are easily swayed and like sparkly things. Trying to talk to some people is exhausting. I agree. I have also been an activist all my life and men in government lie constantly…about their promised votes, about everything. People were definitely apathetic. No one I know thought that trump had a chance in hell of winning. I live in a Blue State and my daughter just told me that in one of the suburbs (a very RICH one) they just had a huge party for him. Makes me sick. I also agree that we are in a Civil War and I think it’s going to get a lot worse. I also agree about not having people who voted for him in our lives because they openly voted for hate and inequality on all fronts. But we have to come up with new ways to win because no one in washington cares about what the “herd” thinks or wants. Marches, petitions, everything we relied upon…people have to aware of those things and he’s not. He’s too busy looking at himself in the mirror.

      • moonmaenad says:

        We r definitely on the same wavelength here..I’m exhausted trying to talk to these new age people who think politics is a kumbaya coffee klatch where the focus is on “understanding” those who could care less about understanding US, our planet, the constitution, religious freedom, integrity & justice. These people have all but handed the bastard his victory. “I didn’t vote because I didn’t LIKE the candidates??!! Geez, that sounds like a confused high schooler avoiding a date! U can’t bring evil and good together-it’s like mixing oil and water..it can’t be done and SHOULDNT BE DONE! The simplistic & foolish arguments Echo made reveal someone who has no understanding nor acceptance of the reality of the political process..it requires work and commitment, and awareness that u cannot be make deals with the devil..and trump and his followers r just that, evil.

      • moonmaenad says:

        And yes..we have to keep the pressure on our elected congressman and representatives..it’s going to be difficult to remove this SOB and we’ll have to try many different tactics because we have so many fronts we r battling on..healthcare, corporate deregulations, civil liberties, and defense of the constitution, treason…sometimes I think we need to enlist and separate different groups of resistance fighters for each individual issue..so we can focus more effectively on each travesty

      • Actually, that’s exactly what we need. Different groups to concentrate and attack different issues. They will be he experts in each field, knowledgeable and ready to roll. We are always spread too thin, too broke and too few. We can’t all know everything about every issue (laws, etc.) and that’s part or the problem. If we could do it, having different groups for each issue would be a good answer to the problem.

      • I can’t argue with that.

      • moonmaenad says:

        I’ve sent u 2 responses here but see neither here so if u happen to receive them both know I was not in a frenzy of redundancy..

      • It happens. I don’t know why but don’t worry about it.

  7. moonmaenad says:

    Exactly..it is up to us to present the case for freedom and life…regardless of what our representatives do or say, we still have the right to protest and resist..so we must do so…there r so many depending on us

    • moonmaenad says:

      That’s exactly right..I’ve heard people say “u liberal “elites” don’t understand nor empathize with the White working poor”… well, I came from the White lower class and I understand them pretty damned well..so well I’ve disowned them..and I do not see them trying to understand US!!! They r selfish and filled with resentment for anyone different than they r..they r hateful & fearful of the social changes that have taken place in the past 50 yrs. and r only concerned with maintaining the patriarchal status quo..trump knows that and plays them like violins-untuned and broken, I grant ya 😉😎👍🏽

  8. moonmaenad says:

    Ok…sorry for my ramblings..I’m stepping down off my venerable soap box at last..my dogmatism does get annoying sometimes, I admit-but I wear my philosophies and politics on my @time worn and activist sleeve”..but we all need a break from the craziness on occasion..that occasion is now.😳🙄🤔😉

    • moonmaenad says:

      Ok–I’m not sorry for my ramblings

      • By electing him the people have selected hate and released it into the world. It’s no longer hidden or controlled. The destructive and non life affirming time has begun. We will all pay the price but some people are too blind to realize what they have done. Greed, hatred and self-loathing make people vote for morons like him.

      • moonmaenad says:

        And then U have the other side of that coin in people who STILL aren’t seeing the seriousness of the situation…those who want to pray, chant or “love it” away…they don’t recognize that these “people” don’t care about their diplomatic efforts, have many unlicensed weapons and kill other animals for sport–and that includes killing people who want to “chant, pray and love” problems away…those people endanger us all as well..

      • moonmaenad says:

        Echo and her ilk don’t understand that love is a weakness to these sociopathic assholes and they will eat her for lunch..

      • People believe different things. They believe that kindness and whatever work. People believe what they believe. Look how many people believe in god and actually worship him. I don’t get that either. We have to just keep working and not spend time trying to change the minds of those who see the world differently, and hope they don’t get in the way. Seriously, that’s all I’m asking. It’s impossible to make people see things differently if they are dug into what they believe. It’s a waste of energy and resources. Changing one person at a time while someone want’s to destroy the earth doesn’t make sense but apparently other people don’t agree. We have been isolated and kept apart so that we don’t work together in large enough number to matter…I mean work together consistently. As I said, I like the idea of informed groups attacking individual problems because I can tell you, for a fact, that one group cannot handle the entire mess. They know that as well. Getting people, enough people, to act and to act on a regular basis is difficult. The Woman’s March was great for morale but did nothing to change anything. We were singing to the choir and that has to stop because with this moron it will not bring about change, he sees women as something stuck to the bottom of his shoe. We can’t bother about people who pray and smile because we can’t do anything about them. We have to start from where we are and come up with new ideas. We need information and people who actually know what’s going on, legally, to give us a better direction. Otherwise we are just treading water. I think the graffiti and street art is doing wonderful things. It reminds people of what an absolute moron he is and it’s all over the world. Art is a weapon, when aimed in the right direction. We need more of it. Shirts, flyers, pictures, phone covers…everywhere, so that no one forgets, evener a moment, what a terrible horror he is.

      • moonmaenad says:

        I do like the way u think H&R 🤠👏🏼👍🏽🙌🏼 and yes, I agree, we cant waste time changing others opinions-we have to keep doing whatever we can to express our outrage…I started attending democrat meetings to channel my resistance efforts in concrete ways to change this awful tragedy…getting THE GOP out of office is the most practical approach…also I’ve been communicating with a potential demo candidate running to take the seat held by a trump supporter republican in 2018..I’m think I’m going to work for her in her campaign..we’ve got to change things from congress on up..

  9. moonmaenad says:

    *by those people” referred to in line 17 of first reply I was referring to “the chant..” people..I loathe being incomprehensible🤠👍🏽

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