Wonder Woman film review…Oh YEAH! Debbie, Jesse and I went to see it today…Spoiler Alert…so…there is that

NATURALLY, Debbie and I wore our Wonder Woman shirts to the theater.  She has a lot of them, so we didn’t wear the same one, not that it would have mattered because come on, it’s WONDER WOMAN.  How cool is THAT?

I LOVED the film.  Debbie doesn’t like movies that take place during WW II and she didn’t believe that Amazons would dress the way they did but she liked the movie, so did Jesse. The skimpy airplanes look as if they are made from a Hobby Shop kit, but they are true to the time they were flown and how dangerous and exciting that must have been. Everything is State of the Art at some point and, at the time, those planes were. The outrageous sexism of the time made me gag but there’s not that much and she shows them that she’s smarter than they are and that she can take all of them down with a flick of her wrist, so that was lovely.

The movie is FULL OF ACTION and Wonder Woman, played by the fabulous Gal Gadot is outstanding (loved her in Fast and Furious).  Steve Trevor is played by Chris Pine and he’s great.  He’s sweet and shy and just perfect for the roll.  So, yay for him.  The chemistry between them is spot on and believable.  Her inexperience with men and people is funny and believable, not overplayed (in my opinion).  Chris leans into that very, very, well.  The scenes between them on the Island and on the boat are a lot of fun.

The bad guy is played by Lupin, David Thewlis, from Harry Potter, so that was hard because we all love Lupin and couldn’t stop thinking about him as the mistreated werewolf.  I’ve seen him in other films and it didn’t bother me, but I couldn’t get Lupin out of my head this time.

Lucy Daws plays Chris Pine’s secretary and while her role is small she is funny and definitely adds to the film in a big way.

All of the Amazons are cool and by the time we left the theater the estrogen was gushing out of us and we could have blown the doors off the building as we walked out.  I thought we could fly but Debbie didn’t believe me.  Kids are like that. Never believe what their moms’ s say.  I know we could have, in spite of her lack of belief.  But instead of leaping off a building we went to the car…how boring is THAT?  We did agree that we all want to be Wonder Woman, however, so the bonding went well and we are going to look for magic shields and bracelets asap.

Lots of explosions at the end, lots of great stunts and lots of sweet moments and scenes of friendship and loyalty.  The film’s message is politically relevant for what’s going on today. Wonder Woman’s final sentence…fell flat, for me, because I just don’t believe what she said is true.

If you’re looking for fun, lots of action, a totally fabulous female lead and lots of powerful women…go and see this movie.


There are no outtakes during the credits so you can leave when the film’s over.

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8 Responses to Wonder Woman film review…Oh YEAH! Debbie, Jesse and I went to see it today…Spoiler Alert…so…there is that

  1. Lukne-Luna says:

    Nice review! Plus, I have the same T-shirt, only in grey:D

    • Way to go! It was fun wearing it to see the movie. 🙂 And again, loved the film. Hope they make another one but it won’t be the same without Chris Pine. They were great together and the whole thing just blended perfectly…excellent casting.

  2. lisakunk says:

    In ready to see it. Woo hoo.

  3. Resa says:

    I knew you would like a movie titled Wonder Woman, and she looks so powerful in the ads.
    Too, bad her final sentence is not up to snuff!

    • It’s a great action film and I want to see it again. She’s a fabulous Wonder Woman. After all that she sees and goes through, then the last sentence is something that seems silly to me, that’s all. Just one of those sayings you would see on a plaque. But loved the film. Hope you get to see it soon. ❤

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