Okay, so…

Here’s the thing…society is never going to be the way it was. Nothing can be the way it was because things are constantly changing and moving in a different direction.  Children are not going to respect authority figures (a good thing) and do as they are told…that’s what punishments/schools are for, to bend them to the will of others.  No one cares.  Kids are willing to take punishment, in fact, it’s a badge of honor in some places.  Trust has pretty much gone the way of the DoDo, for the most part, and lying to your face has moved into the white house along with open hatred and discrimination.    Kids are into cyberbullying as well as everyday bullying, which has upped the teen suicide rate…no one is punished for what they do.  Not in any real sense of the word.  Gang rape and rape on college campuses is the norm.  Again, no one is punished and schools cover it up.  Courtesy exists now and then, usually among older people but also in teens and children, however, it’s not the norm.  Kids swear at their parents, scream at them and hit them and smaller children scream in stores, fall to the floor and have hissy fits, so that people have to walk around them just to avoid becoming part of the nightmare. I’ve actually left stores, so had Debbie, because of the screaming.  The parents say nothing to their children and do nothing to stop them from disrupting the public environment.  Kids run around eating establishments, jump on the seats, throw things and are rude and out of control.  Kids call the police on their parents if they won’t give them what they want.

The tide turned when idiot childrearing “experts,” told parents that they could damage the delicate psyche of their offspring by saying, “no.”  Parents handed their power to their infants and expected them to make the right decisions on everything, even though they had absolutely no brain development, experience or knowledge.  And here we are.

The electronic age has pretty much destroyed relationships.  People don’t look up anymore. They barely watch where they’re going…some actually walk into trees and signs.  We are inundated with bad news 24/7 and some of us have stopped listening and watching anything at all.  We have dropped out of the fake reality that is currently surrounding us.  All the petitions and rallies we can bring forth isn’t going to change anything today.  The rules have changed and no one is listening, no one cares.  The men in power have nothing to do with the people they walk upon.  Politics exists to get more for the rich.  The media is our enemy, destroying self confidence and hope and none of it’s real.

People are tired.  Everything is out-dated and retro in ten minutes.  Fewer and fewer things have meaning. Soon the number of the next iPhone will be 1,999.  If we want to keep a product that we like we can’t because they don’t make the parts, the phone covers, or whatever, for that model any longer, so we are forced to buy something new.  More and more people/families are falling into poverty.  Minimum Wage is controlled by the rich. Everything is controlled by the rich and they only want more for themselves.  Women’s rights are in jeopardy…AGAIN.

Adult children are living at home because they can’t get jobs and if they can, they can’t earn enough to move out.  This includes college grads who have no hope in ever paying off their student loans.

Cities are broke.  Infrastructures are crumbling.  Tent/box cities are popping up in parks and on streets, filled with homeless and mentally ill people.   Kids are shot in the street by each other and by the police.

Kids want to get rich quick and be stars on reality shows.  STDs are more dangerous than ever and they are everywhere and touch all ages, including the elderly.

Grass roots organizations can never truly win because the rich can stop them in their tracks.

People continue to believe that war is an answer to whatever question seems to pop up. Kids are sent to die, or be mentally and physically destroyed and then sent home to their parents or wives, who are expected to care for them.  Suicide among service people has become a problem.

All the “isms” are worse, since the men in power are giving permission for their followers to attack without consequences.  The KKK is out and about, even on college campuses.

African Americans and women are at risk.  Mexican Americans and undocumented workers are being deported, their children traumatized and none of it makes any sense.

The police are often out of control and often in danger themselves.  When they show up at rallies in riot gear, they show us who the real enemy is.  You don’t show up wearing riot gear to keep the peace you wear riot gear to beat people.  The police work for the state, not the people.  Yes, they do a dangerous job and yes, we need them and yes, I appreciate everything they do but they do as they are told.  They don’t relate to the people in the crowd, or seem to understand that they should be standing WITH us, not ready to attack, because the protesters are protesting for THEIR rights, as well as the rights for their families and loved ones.  Anyone who just does what they are told, without conscious thought, is an enemy.  They are tools and weapons, not thinking individuals.  It’s as if their individuality and humanity is put away and they become what the rich guys want them to be…things that protect the interests of the rich and powerful.  They don’t always wear riot gear.  I’ve talked to some of them at rallies/demonstrations and one cop said that he didn’t disagree but he had a job to do.  Germany, right?  “Just doing my job.”  That’s what the scientists who tortured animals on a daily basis told me, “It’s my job.”  I said, “I would be ashamed of you if you wee my father.  I would pretend that you didn’t exist and I would hate you and change my name.”  Torturing living beings didn’t bother him.  People don’t look like torturers or mass murderers.  He looked like a normal guy and no one would ever suspect that he didn’t have a heart.

Anyway, these are just some of the problems today, not even touching upon hunger, trafficking in women, battering, and all the rest.  So when I read things that say we should be peaceful, calm and kind…that we should smile and hope for the best, I don’t know what to do with that level of  naiveté.  I don’t know what those people see.  I don’t know what they are looking at.  So many people are desperate.

I could easily live outside of the problems that exist but I couldn’t live with myself.  People write about community but what does that mean?  The people on their block, in their neighborhood, country club, town, village, county, state? Isn’t community big enough to include EVERYONE, or is it just for those who are like them?  When is it okay to look the other way?  To EXCLUDE others?  When do we stop SMILING and thinking that being nice will make any difference, while kids are bleeding out in the street?  Kindness can work when we have someone’s attention but we really can’t fix things one person at a time, not when the problems are this big.

I don’t have answers but I do know that what we are doing IS NOT WORKING.  The problems are getting BIGGER and our country is being run by selfish, morons, with no education who look into mirrors and tell themselves they are pretty.  There is no inclusion, just every person for him/herself.  This is the big picture.  My neighborhood is quiet.  It’s good where I live.  But how can that be okay when America is burning?

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  1. Resa says:

    I mean that in a very positive way!

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