Jack of Hearts…Post Script

Ace told the Jack of Hearts to get lost and when he refused she talked to his Queen.  Jack is now stationed in Iceland and communicates with his Queen and King via Skype.  Queenie told Ace that Jack won’t be back anytime soon and that if he returns without her permission she should feel free to off him.  Ace thanked her and went home to polish her favorite pistol.

Ace and Tim continue to fight Darklings and are quite happy together.

Tim turned the guest closet into a room for the Crow.  It’s filled with perches and seed/peanut cups.  The bird doesn’t spend much time there, however, preferring to be with the rest of the family.

Bluebell, the blue Off World being, decided not to return to its home planet.  It lives in a corner of the living room in a small plastic wading pool and eats marshmallows and seaweed, not necessarily at the same time.  Ace believes that Bluebell and the resident spirit have bonded.  Tim bought Bluebell a tiny shelter kitten, and it was love at first sight. The kitten doesn’t seem to mind having blue smudges on her pure white fur.  The cat has shown no magical abilities as yet, but Ace said that’s just because she’s still a kitten, so she remains hopeful.

Ace took Tim to meet the Joker and it did not go well.  Ace told the Bicycle she was thinking killing the Joker. The Bicycle said it was a good idea, since he never liked the Joker either.  He said the Joker wasn’t the least bit funny and sometimes, it’s just easier to kill people rather than waste time talking to them.  Ace didn’t agree but she is keeping an open mind about it.

Leo, Ian and Joseph spend a lot of time at Ace’s, although, they did move into a townhouse in a quiet neighborhood, since they are going for a more mainstream approach to life.  They hunt Darklings with Ace and Tim and are basically quite happy with their lives.

Smokey lives in the oven most of the time but in the summer he loves visiting the neighborhood grills.

Tim still does the cooking.

Ace has a new front door and much stronger wards.


Thank you for reading the story.  🙂

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4 Responses to Jack of Hearts…Post Script

  1. OK, I feel better now 🙂

  2. Resa says:

    I love the story! 😀
    Hey, so what if the kitten turns out to have no magical abilities? She will turn out to be one fierce feline.
    Well, that’s what I think.
    TY, Gigi, this was a marvelous read!

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