Jack of Hearts…Chapter 51

       “How long have I been asleep,” yawned Tim, rolling onto his back in a full body stretch.

       “Three days.”


       “You were tired and I didn’t think you’d starve to death but I put an IV in for fluids.”

        Tim’s stomach growled and he pulled the needle out of his arm.  “I am starving and my teeth have fungus growing on them.”

      “Get cleaned up and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.  Take these while you’re in the shower and once you pop them in keep your mouth closed for the count of ten, that way you’ll be home free.”

       “What are they and why are they glowing?” he asked, looking at the pills in his hand.

       “Just do it, or important parts of your body will fall off.”

       “I don’t even know why I ask,” he muttered, turning toward the bathroom.


        “It wasn’t his fault.  He didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to look at the light.”


      “I don’t know if he’ll do it again.”


      “Yes, some humans aren’t too swift.”


      “Did you eat all the bread?”

       The crow ruffled his feathers, turned and hopped away.

      “Why do you DO things like that?” shouted Ace at his back.  


        “I’ll add cat treats to the list now go take a nap.”

      “There’s NO food,” said Tim, checking all the cabinets and opening the fridge for the third time.

      “You haven’t gone shopping for three days,” said Ace.

      “I was UNCONSCIOUS for three days, remember?”

      “I’m just trying to explain why there’s no food,” she said.

      “Why didn’t you go to the store?”


      “It’s not that hard,” he said, biting into a stale cracker.

      “I was busy and besides, I don’t shop for food, I kill people, you know that, right?”

      “Yes, I know that and I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m hungry.”

       “I’ll get the door,” said Ace, standing up. “It’s probably the pizza guy.”

       “I love you more than ever, you fantastic, amazing, gorgeous woman,” he said.

       “It’s just a pizza.”

       “You’re dessert.”

       “Not a chance.  I’m outta here.  Be back late tonight.  Try not to hurt yourself while I’m gone and when you get food buy treats for the cat and peanuts for the bird, please.”

        “What about Dex?”

        “He lives on dreams and lost moments.”

        “I HAVE to stop asking questions,” mumbled Tim, tearing the top off the pizza box.

        “Oh, and I’m going to regress you and find out about your past.”


        “It won’t hurt, I promise,” laughed Ace.

        “Where are you going?”


        “Where out?”

        “Enjoy the pizza,” she said, slamming the door.


        “One slice, that’s it,” said Tim, eyeing the bird.     


      ” Okay two, but no more than that.  I know how you are.”

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