I despise outlines.  Teachers should only allow children who like them, to actually DO them.  For the rest of us, well, WE CAN’T DO THEM.  It’s cruel and unusual punishment to MAKE kids write outlines.  They DON’T organize your thoughts, they make you wonder if jumping from the school room window on the third floor is high enough to actually kill you.  CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE CHOICES ABOUT WHAT THEY LEARN.

Look, I could never write an outline because I NEVER KNEW WHERE THE STORY WAS GOING UNTIL IT WROTE ITSELF.  Outlines are like writing about the FUTURE and no one knows how the future will TURN OUT until it arrives.  Outlines, like everything else, ARE GIVEN TO CHILDREN TO MAKE THEM THINK INSIDE THE BOX.  Outlines suck and I always refused to do them (did not care about grades only what I would or wouldn’t do), because they NEVER made any sense.  Maybe some people can see their entire story from beginning to end, but the rest of just us LET the story happen, therefore, it’s impossible to know where it will end up.  And THINKING about the ending, when your mind doesn’t work that way, DESTROYS the story and then who cares…which is EXACTLY the point of education.  CRUSH DREAMS, REINFORCE THE STATUS QUO, KILL CREATIVITY, TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME…then repeat.

Outlines are solid members of the status quo.  They do NOT allow for magic to happen or for creativity to run wild.  Outlines are CONFINING and strangle free thinking.  Scoff if you will, but there are those out there who will agree with me.  Hate the bloody things and they should be taught only to those children who see themselves in government jobs or working as prison guards.  Seriously, stop torturing children.

There are so many ways to make children hate school/learning.  Our government knows all of them.

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14 Responses to Okay, so…OUTLINES

  1. Right?! and i hates when they wanted us to use the “pyramid” for papers…blah.

  2. Teachers should remember, that not every child is a writer, nor a good speller, but at doing other things…

    • Unfortunately, they don’t have a choice. They are expected to teach what they are told to teach in order to brainwash and condition children so that they don’t notice they are becoming sheep. You are so right everyone’s good at something but schools don’t care. Indoctrination is what it’s all about.

  3. Resa says:

    I agree! Creativity is a spontaneous spark of light, and I certainly cannot plan an Art Gown. They just happen. Of course direction is found through the blinding sparks, and then I can build on that.
    Okay, you’ve got to see this article! It is a pictorial essay about a little girl and her cat taken by her photographer father over many years. https://flowartstation.com/2017/05/31/a-friendship-between-a-girl-and-her-cat-good-time-stories/
    Pardon if you’ve already seen it!

    • That was FANTASTIC!!! I love it. What great photographs. Just wonderful. Thank you SO much for sending the link. I looked at it twice, it’s so sweet. ❤ And you're right…creativity and blinding sparks can NEVER be outlined. I just wrote a post to you, by the way. 🙂

  4. superwifeandmummy says:

    Really insightful. Great post. Have a read of my posts, I think you’ll enjoy them. (Hilarious, by the way , that right underneath the comments here today is a blog called, “How to outline your story…”. Ah, irony.

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