Do you believe…

that life is a disease
for which there is no cure
the death rate is 100%

that if governments
started a war
and no one showed up
we could stop war forever

that everything we love to eat
is bad for us because
this is a hateful place to live
and it’s just one more mean thing

that humans were made to work
eight to twelve hours a day
then go home and work some more
until they die or are too old to enjoy life

that people should be demonstrating
in the streets instead of

that men know that they can
stop rape
by not raping
but the just

that people will ever
catch on to the fact that
they are being used and manipulated
by the rich

that animals have as much
right to live on the planet
as humans

that unicorns were ever

that if ants were bigger
they would rule the world

that vegetarian chili
is delicious

that people are wasting their lives
worrying about their lives

that no one dies
until they are supposed to

that kids have the attention span of
oh, wait, what was I saying

that the next generation will
ever read a book

that gum
while fun and delicious
is weird

that the person who came up
with the word
must not have had many friends

that schools should be about the arts
and creativity more than anything else

that if sports for children no longer existed
there would be less competition and violence
in the world

that aging
is the punishment
for  not dying



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