The yearbook…we never thought they would print it…1 picture

Ages ago my daughter called and said, “Since Justin is graduating, we need to do that stupid thing in the yearbook.  Write something, okay.”  This is how it goes.  You turn in a baby picture of the graduate and write that you have loved him from the second he was born and you know that he is going to change the world and have a fantastic and fulfilling career which will, of course, allow him to dance on the head of a pin and every member of the family adores him and wishes him well.  It costs $50 to do this.  We did it for Jesse, so we had to do it for Justin. He picked out the picture he wanted us to use…one that no one else would have chosen. LOL  It was up to me to write the text.  We tell the kids we love them constantly and when we are around them we hug and kiss them…they know, without a doubt, that they are loved so no reason to write about it.

Anyway, everything I wrote came out the same way.  Everything I e-mailed to Deb had her saying,  “Uh, mom? Really?”  I told her that she would have to write it because I just couldn’t play that game.  I gave Justin all the things I wrote and he cracked up.  He ended up using my personal favorite.  None of us believed the school would print it…but they did.  Here it is…:)

Maggie is the dog and Sadie is the cat.


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12 Responses to The yearbook…we never thought they would print it…1 picture

  1. So cute! Welcome to our world! ❤

  2. Thumbs up to the school for printing it!

    • Yes, and it’s a truly “up-tight,” school, that’s why we were all surprised to see it. Debbie kept expecting to get a call from the principal, or a letter, saying that it was inappropriate, even if it was accurate. LOL 🙂

  3. gserpent says:

    I love it! That is so awesome!

    • Thank you. We were happy they printed it. We are also happy he’s out of high school. He loves physics and is going to college for a degree automotive/design engineering. He will definitely have a job, since the recruiters have to be held back for a month or two after school starts. So that’s great, because he definitely knows what he wants to do.

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