Why should we be grateful, or even feel lucky, if GOOD things happen to us?  Shouldn’t GOOD things be the norm?  Is life so horrific that people are supposed to be GRATEFUL when they get a break from the terrible things that are taking place in their lives?  Don’t you see anything WRONG with that?

Some people are afraid that if they aren’t grateful enough, more bad things will happen to them, or to those they love.   If we are expected to be grateful for the GOOD things, shouldn’t we be UNGRATEFUL for the bad things?

How many times have you heard someone say, “Be grateful you have a job, or food, or shelter, or your health?”  Shouldn’t WE ALL have those things?  The rich people have those things.  See that’s the thing.  ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS ARE WITHHELD FROM THE MASSES AND ARE REGULATED AND TAKEN AWAY, OR GIVEN, AS THE POWER PEOPLE SEE FIT.  No one should be hungry in a world of abundance.  People shouldn’t be grateful that they have food, they should be pissed off that EVERYONE doesn’t have food. But that’s what conditioning/brainwashing is all about…it stops us from THINKING ABOUT WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US.  It stops us from taking action to bring about change.  This is a house of cards that is standing only because we don’t realize that’s what it is.

Being grateful keeps us busy.  The government and the church want us to help others while they stockpile riches and live their own lives in luxury.  By giving more, everyone has less, except for them, because they end up getting whatever we give.   They conditioned people to feel good about not having everything, so that when people do get something, they feel grateful.  THAT IS WRONG.  WE ARE BEING PLAYED…AGAIN!

Being polite and grateful when someone does something nice for you is wonderful but to be grateful that you have a loaf of bread is manipulation and just plain EVIL.  No one on the top starves, has problems with health care, or anything else that the masses don’t get, or are supposed to be grateful for.  The people in power aren’t grateful, they’re in CHARGE and take what they want for themselves and make sure we don’t notice what they are doing to US.

Things don’t have to be this way.  This isn’t NORMAL, it’s hateful and they are simply controlling the heard.  Life should be sweet and equal.  We need to change the world and make a new kind money and cut the guys on the top off.   We all, in every country, have to stop sending our children to die in wars so the morons at the top can get richer.  It’s up to US to make sure people don’t have to be grateful for a bowl of soup because the people at the top are greedy and will never stop taking what they want.


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6 Responses to Questions…

  1. A very important piece, Gigi. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. moonmaenad says:

    I’m on board your ship every step of the way here…u speak the truth many refuse to hear..if u fuse the recognize evil u will be forced to share its filthy bed.:

  3. So very true. One of those common things people say that needs to go away… I am grateful for some things…for people in my life…but shouldn’t have to be for necessities to live.

    • Absolutely. We are being manipulated and feel grateful for the crumbs that are thrown our way and grateful to keep PAYING the guys on top just so we can live. It’s disgusting.

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