Okay, so…

It’s high school graduation week around here.  Lots of excitement.  The stores are filled with banners and decorations.  Parents are wondering how they are going to pay for college…trying to figure out which of their organs they don’t really need, so they can sell them and not end up in debt for the rest of their lives   Most people never pay off student loans and are plagued by debt until they die.  Everyone knows that many college grads can’t get jobs that pay more than minimum wage and they end up living at home because they can’t even afford to pay rent on a one bedroom apartment.  Parents try not to think about those things because the guilt they will feel for not sending their kids away is simply too much to bear.   So, many people end up being strapped with huge loans that keep getting bigger as the interest continues to mount.

Some kids are serious about school, others can’t wait to party for four years, or until they are kicked out or arrested.  Kids are  constantly being arrested, nowadays, since the college towns can make a fortune arresting kids and having their parents hire lawyers and pay enormous fees to try and not let the local cops destroy the lives of their children.  This is the latest scam and untold numbers of kids are in trouble because of it.  They police are  also using other kids to entrap their friends, promising to drop the charges against them, if they narc on more students.  This is absolutely true.  There is violence on campus as well and some women may return home broken and afraid.

We live in a country that stops certain people from getting ahead because they aren’t the the right…color, race, gender, etc.  Those who try to get ahead are punished by being forced to take out huge and impossible to pay loans, just to get an education.  The government doesn’t want educated citizens.  The really don’t want poor people to get anywhere, so they make the things it takes to advance absolutely out of their reach.  They believe that people who are too busy trying to survive won’t see what’s being done to them on purpose. For those who can get loans, the government does a happy dance knowing they will own most of them them for life.

A good society wants intelligent, well informed citizens.  That’s why we don’t have free education in America.  That’s why what is taught in our schools is useless and diverts the attention of children to unimportant and mundane things that have nothing to do with government or how it works but turns them into perfect sheep.  The American governments wants the masses uneducated and uninformed.   They want some groups uneducated completely.

Student loans cripple and even destroy families.  But that’s what the government wants because happy people can’t be pushed around.  Few jobs will be waiting for the kids once they are out of college.  All they will have is never ending debt and a life of poverty.  That is what our government does to the people.  They deny education to those they don’t like and they they take everything from those who do try to learn.  It’s never good to start out with debt no one can hope to pay.  Our government works for itself, you can never forget that.

Talk to parents who have college grads and you’ll hear things like, “I don’t know what he/she’s going to do.  There are no jobs in his/her field and the jobs that are available don’t pay anything.  It’s been two years and there’s nothing.”   I know of college grads who are working two or three part-time jobs, hoping to get in somewhere.  One girl was working for free, hoping to get paid work because of it.  A mistake many make it to take out MORE loans to get a higher degree which will not make any difference because education is a con, at least in this country.

No one seems to realize this is a scam.  It’s the government getting money from people for the rest of their lives and they don’t have to do anything to get it.  Education should be free.  What is taught should MATTER and be relevant.  Schools should be held accountable for getting jobs for their students, for stopping rape on campus, for charging reasonable fees, when necessary.  We have an uneducated person pretending to lead this sad country.  Those are the kind of people the guys pulling the strings want.  People who are unable to think or speak in complete sentences.

Again, if we all rose up against what’s going on, things would have to change.  If no one sent their kids to college because of the outrageous costs, schools would either have to cut costs or SHUT DOWN.  WE have the power to bring about change but it has to be all of us, not just one or two people.  WE can make a difference.  Imagine all those expensive schools with no students.  Perhaps new grassroots colleges would spring up to fill the void.  Mass boycotts are powerful.  That’s what needs to happen or people will continue to be forced to struggle to pay off student loans forever.

Post Script

There is no shame in sending your children to a Junior College for the first two years.  People who hire others look at the last school the person went to.  It’s just more guilt, thinking that two year colleges are not good enough.  They often have better teachers than 4 year schools.  The lies we are told are told for a reason.  You can save money, your kids can get the basics out of the way and you’ll only have the last two years to pay for, if your children go to a Junior College.  Oh, and don’t forget scholarships…they have one for everybody and every little bit counts.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.



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2 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    Good advice. Nothing wrong with junior colleges.

    • Absolutely not. However, people are talking about, “the college EXPERIENCE,” as if that was more important then the education itself and parents are afraid to disappoint their children, even if that means going into life long debt. It’s very sad.

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