Okay, so…2 photographs

So, I was walking through the parking lot at Target and I saw a woman loading stuff into her car.  She was wearing an Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus hoodie/sweatshirt, so I stopped and we started talking.  You can see her picture in the lower left hand corner of the bottom photo getting hugs from a lovely Doberman.  This rescue shelter also takes cats, kittens and other dogs, that’s what the Plus in their name stands for.  It sounds as if they are doing wonderful work.  I love these dogs because when I was very young my friend had one and the she was wonderful and so very sweet.  I don’t know how the poor thing managed with all the kids in their house but the she was loving and kind, in spite of all the noise, activity and demands for her attention.  If anyone is interested in helping out, or making a donation, all the info is below.  Thanks and many wagging tails to you.  

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2 Responses to Okay, so…2 photographs

  1. Lauren says:

    So nice to meet you, Gigi! Thanks for the support!

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