Jack of Hearts…Chapter 42

The cat scratched at the bedroom door until Ace got up and opened it.  “What?” she asked.  “You sleep twenty-two hours a day, why can’t you do some of it when I’m in bed?”


Ace saw a terrified looking mouse, laying on it’s side.  “Meow.”

“No. No dead things,” she said, picking the mouse up and petting it.  It didn’t look wounded, just stunned.

“What’s that?” asked Tim, sleepily.

“A mouse, what does it look like,” she snapped. 

“Hey, don’t yell at me, I didn’t catch it.”

Ace got a shoe box out of the closet and made a bed for the mouse.  She put cereal, cheese, and a grape in the box, in case the mouse got hungry.  She put a small dish of water in the box as well.

“I have to talk to the cat,” she said.  “Either she promises to never do that again or she’s out.”



“You,” she said to the bird, “go into the kitchen and stay there until I say you can come out.  I want to talk to the cat.”

The bird held his head up high and hopped away.

“I know you think of the mouse as a gift.  Thank you.  But you absolutely cannot, under ANY circumstances, kill, or stun, others and bring them home.  Do you understand?”

The cat licked her left foot and said nothing.

“Look, I’m trying to be fair, here.  I know how cats are, I’m just saying that your behavior is unacceptable.”

“I think she’s asleep,” said Tim, softly.  “Take your pill,” he said handing it to her with a glass of water and a cookie.

“How can she sleep at a time like this?” asked Ace, swallowing her pills.

“She’s a cat,” he said, knowingly.  “Maybe you can talk to her later.”

“Maybe,” sighed Ace.

The cat put her paw over her nose and continued to dream.

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