Okay, so…

That saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and the belief that hardship, tragedy and all the other miseries of life makes you a better person, or teaches you valuable lessons, may work for a few people but there are many who don’t believe that the only way to be happy and appreciate joy is to have lived without it.

Teenager are killing themselves.  Soldiers are killing themselves.  A lot of people are committing suicide.  If that’s not enough to show how insane those misguided beliefs are, I don’t know what is.   Another thing to take into consideration is the FACT that what happens to a person has to do with HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE.  If you have money you can get help.  If you don’t have money, things are not available to you.  Education counts and so does support system from family and friends.  So it’s much easier to “overcome” certain things if you are comfortable and can afford to do what you have to do.

Then there’s the idea that maybe the people who commit suicide know more than those of who don’t.  Maybe they are the smart ones and know when to cut their losses and get out of here.  You may scoff at that, or be horrified, but remember that we have no idea what’s going on.  We make everything up.  EVERYTHING.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that experiencing sickness, death of loved ones, hunger, poverty, war, or anything else, makes people HAPPIER.  Individuals may say things like that and good for them, but on the whole.  HARDSHIP can leave people broken, depressed, sad and lost.

We need to stop pretending that these beliefs and sayings mean something to most people.  It can make them feel WORSE, thinking there’s something WRONG with them because they DON’T FEEL STRONGER, OR BETTER, OR ANYTHING ELSE.  It’s just one more  way of making people feel like less. We HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS TO PEOPLE.

Death is a way to stop think of all this garbage.  People just quit.  No one can blame them, as the monks, gurus and holier than thou preach their words that crush people and send them to their death.  We need to tell each other that what’s happening SUCKS and they don’t have to get STRONGER they just need to breath and make it through another day and that’s okay.

Seriously, STOP IT.  Admit that life can KILL you.  I’m so SICK of these insane sayings and beliefs.  They HURT so many people.  What a terrible and limiting belief to think that you can only appreciate happiness and joy if you’ve been unhappy and miserable.  How twisted is THAT?  Don’t put up with that crap.  


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