Okay, so…

If Eden means a big, lush garden then I suppose there are Eden’s all over the place and it helps to have someone maintain them so they don’t become jungles and, thereby, destroy the fantasy that people have about Eden.  Wild places are beautiful but that doesn’t make them Eden it just makes them fabulous.  Eden is a brand name, like Kleenex, once you say it, everyone knows you’re either talking about a garden or something to wipe your nose with, regardless of the actual name of the product you are discussing.

The truth is, the men who made up the story about Eden did it to show the masses that if they didn’t obey the men in power bad things would happen to them.  They blamed the bad things on a female they invented so that guys could get away with whatever they wanted to get away with and a woman who loved animals and all beings would be punished for her compassion and open mindedness.   Adam did as he was told.  He ate the apple because he was an idiot and figured she was the only game in town.  Lilith had already dumped him for being too weak to take seriously and he didn’t want Eve walking out on him as well.  No matter how you look at the fairy tale, Adam wasn’t the brightest color in the crayon box…just look at the pictures of him.  Too bad they didn’t have cameras back then.  Anyway, the story is just one more piece of propaganda to keep people in line.  It’s a do as you’re told or else kind of thing  The fall guy was a woman and as most of us know women are blamed for everything anyway so just roll with it. They knew back then, even as they were oppressing women right and left, that men were terrified of a female’s ability to give life to other beings and to think with both sides of their brain at the same time.  In many places they still don’t let girls learn to read because men are terrified of powerful females.

Men fear women as a group so they are taught to oppress them as individuals,   The things men are ALLOWED to do to women comes from that fear and deep hatred they have for us as a group.  The story of Eden shows just how much.  Eve could bring down the world.  Adam just sat among the ferns while she took care of business.

Medusa, Lilith, Eve, The Fates…women rock and instead of looking at them as cautionary tales, embrace their beauty and take back your power.  Always remember, sometimes an apple is just an apple but the stories men write about us are filled with fear and hatred.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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