Here’s my question…


What kind of god/being would make a world of violence, hunger, murder, fear and constant, never ending, suffering and death?  If here was such a god/being why would anyone worship it?

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  1. Heartafire says:

    Because they have been filled with the fear of this entity in order to be controlled. Btw, I had to shit down my blog as it was hacked. Some one managed to get to the administrative area and post pictures from my media. Grrrr. So angry.

  2. Perhaps I can pose a different question because the world without humans would not have violence, hunger, murder, fear and constant, never ending, suffering and death unless you count the balance of nature in that. What if the god being created a beautiful world then added humans whom it gave free will and with that free will they can choose how their world will be.

    • Animals kill to live. This place IS violence. Things eat each other. Humans are the worst because they torture and abuse each other, rape their children, death their significant others, kick their dogs. People torture animals for a living, cutting them up so that people can eat their bodies. Plants fight each other. Everything here is violent. Anything that’s created has the desired/vision/whatever, of the creator. There is no free will. Our brains are rigged and played with by hormones that make us think we are making choice when, in fact, they are made by our brains. Our brains choose our mates, hormones make us what we are and pretty much get us to do what they want us to do to propagate the species. We are animals and still have instincts. We definitely made the world what it is but if you believe someone, or something, seated us they made this what it is. Art is a reflection of the artist so if someone made this…this is what he/she or is is.

      • Hmmm yet they made the animals who really do exist based on instinct and they are nothing like humans. Animals and plants first had space in which to thrive and little need to fight each other other than their need to eat and claim space in which to live. Animals were given survival instinct. Humans were given instincts too, free will, and a simple set of rules “the 10 commandments”. I can not believe that humans are a reflection of anything other than the choices they make and their refusal to take responsibility for those choices. Because it is easier to blame anyone for the mess they create than to clean it up and take responsibility for themselves. I am however in agreement that the animals are more responsible and take better care of each other and their habitats than humans. Perhaps if humans did not believe that they are superior to everything they would be better care takers of each other and their environment. I live in this world and see the same violence. Looking back down the time line when mankind was busy learning to survive in this environment they were less likely to cause harm to each other. However the more “civilized” mankind becomes the more they deteriorate in their treatment of each other and the world around them. So the divine lives in any one who wishes to partake of it. Those who do live a life of peacefulness regardless of how others live. That is free will.

      • They have found early people/cave people with their heads bashed in, so the violence began pretty much right away. The ten commandments are only meaningful to those who believe they have meaning and weren’t written by men to control the masses. And free will is only an idea. We are run by our brains and our chemical make-up. We think we are making choices but our brain is making them for us. If you read brain studies you will see this is true. We are not in charge, it’s just seems as if we are. Read THE WOMAN’S BRAIN. Interesting book. The one on males is much smaller. LOL It really is but in it, it tells about adolescent boys and how they can’t read faces, when testosterone floods their brains and they mistakenly think people are trying to fight with them even when the others are smiling. This is the truth. The boys aren’t deciding to pick fights and be violent, they literally have no choice because their brain is telling them that they see their best friend coming at them with bad intent. So free will isn’t real. It’s all about what’s going on inside of us. You know that if they touch a certain part of a person’s brain, the person will react a certain way. We are our brains. There are studies that show the difference between the brains of conservatives and liberals. There is actually a difference in certain parts of their brains. That’s what pushes us to be the way they are. There’s a lot of info out there and more coming all the time. I haven’t read about any tests (I haven’t looked), but I would almost bet there’s a difference between people who believe in god/religion and those who don’t. It’s interesting, at least to me. 🙂 And even pretend free will extends only as far as another person’s fist, as far as a governments control over the people, as far as it’s culture and brainwashing will allow. We can’t even imagine what we would be like as individuals if we weren’t programed to be what we are by outside forces and their agenda. This is a fear based world in the hands of the super rich and powerful. We get what we are allowed to have and that’s the way it is. The Status Quo is a bad thing.

      • Won’t argue your point since what one believe to be true whether it is or not shapes their lives.

      • Truth is relative. I agree. Our realities are what each of us sees and believes to be real. And each of our realities are real to each of us, just not to anyone else. Personal truth is the only truth there is. No one can define truth, on a general scale, because anything any one of us sees is merely a reflection of who is looking. It can’t be any other way. I appreciate your comment very much. Thank you.

  3. paws2smile says:

    I’ve wondered that many times!

    • Worshipping anything is just so far out of my reality I can’t imagine it, let alone something so terrible that it would create this. Babies dying, animals tortured and eaten by humans who think nothing of it. Entropy…everything trying to constantly survive until it can’t. Cruelty beyond belief. Women and children mutilated, beaten, raped. Well, I could go on but if there is someone who did this and we find out we should may him or it pay, big time.

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