Jack of Hearts…Chapter 36

“Seven,” said Ace, smiling at the trim, raven haired woman, with sparkling blue eyes.

“What did you get yourself into this time,” sighed Seven, opening her flaming red bag?  “Let me see it and who’s he?”

“My cousin, Tim.”

“Seriously?  That’s the best you can do?”

“Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

“You’re kidding, right?” said Seven, in amazement.  “This needs stitches, so hold still.”

“Aren’t you going to give her something for the pain?” asked Tim.

“Ready?” asked Seven, ignoring Tim completely.

“Just get it over with,” said Ace.

“Hey Dex,” said Seven, as she started sewing.

“Dex?” asked Tim.

“The resident ghost,” said Ace, through gritted teeth.  “He lives here.”

“Of course he does.”

“Guess he can’t see him,” said Seven.

“Guess not.”

“Where is he? asked Tim, looking around.

“In the corner by the window.  He likes it there.  He can catch the rays during the day and see the moon at night.”

“Almost done,” said Seven, adding a last stitch.  “Nice work, if I must say so myself.”

“Thanks,” said Ace, her body relaxing a bit.

“Take ALL of these,” she said, throwing a bottle of pills at Ace. “If you don’t take them I can guarantee that you’ll get an infection and that will be a BAD thing.”


“I’m not kidding, Ace.  It’s clean right now but who knows what was on that blade.  Take the pills with food, twice a day.  I’ll check in on you later.  And you,” she said turning to Tim.  Make sure she takes them or…”

“I’ll be sorry?” he asked, smiling.

“Worse and when you’re fooling around, watch what you’re doing.  Don’t touch that wound.”

“Got it.”

“Cousin, my ass,” said Seven, closing her bag,  heading for the door. 

“Thanks,” yelled Ace.

“I like her,” smiled Tim.  “She seems nice.”

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