Okay, so…

When people say , “Life is what you make it,” they don’t talk about what we make life out of and I think that’s important.  We make life out of what it throws at us without our consent, or choice.  We’re like kites buffeted by life, tossed this way and that but tied to a rock.  We are expected to MAKE everything out of whatever is being done to us or going on at the moment.  The kids on the South Side of Chicago have to make their lives out of something completely different than the kids who live on the Gold Coast.  It’s more than probable that the kids on the South Side would be able to make a different life it they had money, food, educations, jobs, trips to Europe, riding lessons and their own BMWs.  Life is what you make it sounds good when you have things and you are okay.  Oppression, prejudice and hatred force some people to MAKE their lives out of misery and lack/scarcity for no other reason than the rich and greedy refuse to give them more to work with.  People are purposely limited by the things they can make their lives out of, so that some people can have more than others.  So if you’re a poor kid living in your car with your parents and siblings because your mom and dad could no longer pay your rent, you are expected to make the best of it and remember life is what YOU MAKE IT.  Yeah, I don’t think so.  Those words mean that we are expected to make the best out of every situation and that’s just silly because the situations people are in they’re in because of the society they live in.  The things life are made out of are CONTROLLED and doled out by others and that is wrong.  Smiling through bad times instead of fighting for equality makes it easy for the bad guys to beat people down.  Because life is made not only from tiny moments but it’s made from BIG things as well.  By manipulating what people can have, the men in power can keep the hatred and desperation going so that people will be distracted and be not looking at them…we have allowed them to become the  gate keeper of what people can make their lives out of.

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8 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. moonmaenad says:

    Thank u for writing and posting this!!! I have felt the same since that simplistically, judgmental silly self help crap became a fashion craze!!! That “we r all gods walking around in total control of our destiny” bullshit, that blames u if ur not a ravaging success…GRRRRRR….it is the “moral judgement” that they blame everyone else for…hypocritical to say the least!

  2. moonmaenad says:

    Oh…and if I had that much control That Fat Orange bastard wouldn’t be inhabiting the White House!!!👿👎🏽

    • I might just frame that and hang it on my wall. LOLOLOL

      • moonmaenad says:

        I had (the operative word there is “had”) a friend who inherited over 1 million dollars a few years ago..now she is endlessly spewing that nonsense marketing slogan, “life is good..” and “life is filled with choices but u create ur own reality” when I recently was recently contemplating suicide…there was such arrogance and dispassion and judgement in that bullshit I wanted to stab her…yes, her life is good, she has few worries–she has no financial worries, medical insurance and at least a million bucks. She doesn’t have to struggle to just survive..I ended that friendship very quickly..after I told her what a narcissistic, Cold, self centered, sloppy bitch she was!!!

      • moonmaenad says:

        Oh…I changed my mind (“…life is filled with choices!”) from wanting to kill myself to wanting to kill her!!! Hahaaaa…

    • Blaming people for what happens to them, or how they end up, is just one more form of mind control that makes it easier for the rich and powerful to keep people down and themselves up. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that and refuse to participate in that form of prisoner mentality. They keep telling everyone to visualize what they want…well, we want the loser in the white house to disappear and he’s still there. If your wish doesn’t come true that’s your own fault too. Insane. Absolutely insane. People are blamed for their own illness and when I ask how an infant who dies was responsible for it’s own death, they have nothing to say. I’m sooooo sick of all this self blame and blindness to what’s actually going on and even those of us who can see a little can’t see everything because we are constantly lied to and manipulated, taxed, brutalized by a system that only works for the top 1% who don’t pay taxes at all.

      • moonmaenad says:

        These morons deny the obvious-that we r interdependent and our lives our interconnected with forces outside our purview..the weather, our bastard potus, disease, even the car we drive sometimes..certainly we have little control over other people..and that visualization bullshit is just that…BULLSHIT! It’s just another way imbecilic self help gurus sell millions of downloads, books and t-shirts

  3. Sorry about your ex-friend. Some people forget what’s important and even real, once they get some money. We are all being controlled by the system and the 1%. We have the power to change things but we have been brainwashed into believe that we are powerless. The way they cull the herd is by not ALLOWING them to get ahead. They stop all competition and label destroy anyone who wakes up. Sadly, other people believe the labels. That’s what happens to the creative kids, they are called behavior disordered, shunted into special classes where they are cut off from others and everyone thinks they are dangerous instead of intelligent. That’s how schools stop creative and intelligent kids from getting ahead, they make it so they can’t get into certain schools and build a record so that they are always suspect. They raise taxes until people can’t pay and they have no health insurance, food or shelter. Those are the ones they want to get rid of. Then they blame those people for what happened to them.

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