Jack of Hearts…Chapter 35

   “You’re hurt,” said Tim, looking at the blood pooling around Ace’s foot.

  “No big deal,” she said. “One of the bad guys had a knife.  The soup is delicious and so is the bread.”

“You need to go to the hospital.”

“Yeah, not gonna happen,” she sighed, leaning back in her chair.  “What is WRONG with people?”

“How much time do you have because the answer is too long to discuss before…”

“They’re crazy,” snickered Ace.  “You don’t need a long answer.”

“You have to take care of your leg.”

“Fine, ya big baby, I’ll call it in.


“I SAID I would call it in.  Don’t you start with me.”

“Caw?” said the crow, staring at Tim.

“She is a little crabby but I think it’s from blood loss.”

“Funny.  Both of you, so funny,” muttered Ace as she called Seven.

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2 Responses to Jack of Hearts…Chapter 35

  1. Resa says:

    Quentin Tarantino should be reading this!!

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