Jack of Hearts…Chapter 32

Basements suck.  No matter what you do to them, they are still basements, thought Ace, as she stood still and listened for a a couple of minutes.  Then she heard it.  It was the smallest sound but it was enough.  Ace, her blade in hand, slowly moved toward the whisper. 

“Hit her again.  Hit her until she coughs up the goods.”

“Ya know, I was gonna wait a few seconds before I burst in here,” said Ace.  “But I can’t stand the bad nineteen forties movie dialogue.” Her knife flew true and one guy was down.  She shot the other man in the knee and he started screaming as soon as he hit the floor. 

“How ya doing Queenie?” asked Ace, dragging kneecap guy toward the wall, where she sat him up against it..

“Mffagffg,” said Queenie, through her gag.”

“One second,” said Ace, holding a gun at the man’s forehead.

“Is Steve dead,” asked the now sobbing, man, looking toward his partner.

“Dead as can be,” said Ace happily.  “You’re next, if you don’t tell me why Benny is starting this war.”

“You shot me in the knee,” he howled.

Ace shot him in the other knee.  “I don’t have all day.  I have a dinner engagement, so stop screaming and talk.”

“He knows you won’t let him bring off worlders here,” cried kneecap.  “You wouldn’t believe how much people are willing to pay for them,” he gasped.  “If he gets rid of you, he can bring them in faster and in the open.  The Feds know.  The government is getting it’s cut, like always.”

“I want to kill you so bad,” said Ace, chewing on her lip.  “SO bad.”


“Fine,” she said, untying the gag and cutting the Queen loose.

“Thank you,” said the Queen.  “Shoot him.  Look what they did to my nail polish.”

Ace looked at the Queen’s hands and all of her fingers were broken and sticking out at odd angles.

“Queenie, I’m so sorry,” said Ace.

“Shoot him.”

So she did.  Head and heart. Double tap.


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