Okay, so…

The sun’s out.  YAY!  I’m doing laundry and redoing the kitchen AGAIN.  I like to move stuff around, that way I get to see different things in different places and if I can get bored I suspect the stuff gets bored as well.  Right?  You THINK ceramic things and plants don’t know how to feel but you can’t really be sure.  Not in an esoteric sense.  Not really.  Some people don’t believe that stuffed animals are real either but they would also be wrong.  Hey if you live in my world then everything has feelings and needs to be treated with care and respect unless they’re human and then one needs to pick and choose.  When I was a child I was devastated when my father got a new car.  I was positive the old car would fall apart with sadness because we didn’t love her enough.  I knew she would miss us and I didn’t even get to say goodbye.  Still bothers me.  Poor thing.  People should take the feelings of small children into consideration when they do things like that.  I mourned her leaving. They tried to tell me it WAS JUST A CAR but I had a relationship with her that they didn’t understand.

The teeny-tiny ants came back to visit my kitchen.  I talked to them.  Told them I didn’t want to kill them and asked them to pleas leave.  They stayed.  I wrote them a note and told them I loved them and asked once again that they please leave.  They are gone.  We take too many things for granted.  Asking insects politely to do things has worked for me a couple of times.  They understand.  You just have to take the time to discuss things with them. Maybe not wasps but other bugs are good listeners and they often do as you ask. It’s all about respecting their feelings and being calm and logical.

Anyway, I planted flowers yesterday.  My neighbor was pulling out of her driveway and said that she was going to get more flowers because she planted too early and her flowers died a miserable death.  😦  She’s lived here all her life and knows better but we are desperate people.  I’ve done it myself and end up dragging huge pots into the garage and covering things with thick plastic garbage bags when frost hit.

Emmie and I walked around the patio this morning and moved a few things around.  The white cat with black spots was here a bit later.  I noticed he has a collar now.  He sleeps in the cat house on my front porch now and then.  I though he was a stray but apparently not.  So I’m happy about that.

I’ve been listening to Andrea Bocelli sing in Italian and don’t have a clue.  I need something like Queen if I’m ever going to finish/start cleaning.  My mantra is a Queen song…I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW.  That’s the only way you get what you want in life.  You have to for it not sit around hoping things happen…ya have to make things happen, that’s why I have absolutely no regrets.  It’s not for everyone, of course, some people like to go slowly and hope for the best.  Yeah, that’s never gonna work for me.  I’ve always been excited about life because there it was…all of it…right in front of me and all I had to do was reach for it.  I’ve never stopped reaching and it can be delicious.

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Really glad to see someone else talks to insects!! I thought I was alone on that!!!

    • I talk to them all the time. They understand and listen. Years ago a friend and I were on a pier in Wisconsin and we were suddenly swarmed by insects that kind of looked like small beetles. They didn’t hurt us but there were SOOOOO many of them that it was kind of scary so I quietly told them that I understood we were in their home and that they had first rights but that we were a bit afraid of them because of their great number. I told them they were beautiful and that I appreciated them. I told them that we only wanted to sit in the sun for an hour and if it was okay with them, would they please relocate to a field or meadow until a little later. I thanked them and every single insect left, just like that. It was amazing. They came back later to be by the water again. 🙂

      • That is amazing and fascinating!! What a great experience. The natural world is so endlessly fascinating isn’t it? I have always felt that everything communicated, that everything has an awareness; I have often been looked as ‘mad’ as I talk to everything and forget sometimes that not everyone does and that can get me some funny looks, but who cares?? It made me happy to hear you do it too!!

  2. I do talk to everything. It’s the polite thing to do, right? And I will never forget that experience because there were soon many insects. They covered everything and when I asked them to please give us a bit of time, they all left. It was incredible but they understood.

  3. Only polite, yeah, I think so!! I just do it so automatically I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes, it just seems so obvious to me, so natural to do it, that other beings have an awareness, I don’t question it.Your experience does sound amazing, what a wonderful thing to be part of, but I see more and more evidence of this understanding throughout all creatures, it’s fascinating. I just wish more people were open to it!

    • Beautifully said and I agree with you completely. It’s second nature to do it and I think we have been specifically taught to ignore all other life forms. How cold people eat animals if they understood that they had feelings and lives just like ours? Those OBVIOUS things have been brainwashed out of us by the church, the government (schools) and everything else children experience. People who understand the reality of things would be kind and carrying to other living beings if they just stopped to think about it for a second.

      • Exactly!! It’s so infuriating when you see it isn’t it, and people refuse to open their hearts and minds to something so obvious. It’s a sad world, the mind-control begins so early, never stops and is getting worse. Wilful ignorance suits many people too, to buy into the ‘system’, the lies, not to think, the hypocrisy of believing themselves to be ‘caring’ people, while all the time ignoring, knowingly, the horrors around them every day, ignoring and being complicit in so much suffering, yet they can simply dismiss it and carry on. Perception-deception. Cognititve dissonance. So the world turns and the few control the many and the animals lose every time.

      • Thank you for that. Perfect.

  4. Echo says:

    Right on me too! All of it everything…samesies. lol aw (:
    All of this is straight up truth. Xoxo

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