Jack of Hearts…Chapter 30

“Okay, now you made me late?”

I made you late?  You were like a starving grizzly, so don’t blame me,” he said, staring at her.

“Chivalry is dead.”

“You’re right,” he said seriously.  “I’m sorry I made you late by loving you far too well and too long.  It won’t happen again, until next time.”

“Apology accepted,” said Ace.  “That’s the way a man, who wants to keep a woman happy, should act.”

He picked her up an swung her around.  “Make a list.  That way I will say and do all the right things and you’ll always be happy.  Promise.”

“I’m going to Chicago.  I won’t be long.  Here’s money.  Buy more food.  I think I’m starting to enjoy eating.”

He grinned at her.  “I’m coming with you.”

“Don’t make me knock you out again.  I need to go alone and it’s no big deal.  I’m just going to check out the Institute.”

“Okay, I’ll make soup, to go with the bread.  And everything will be vegetarian, so don’t even ask.”

“You,” she said to the crow.  “No pecking, biting, or being rude or you’re out the window.  Got it?”

The bird grumbled and turned his back on her.

“And you,” she said.  “Don’t taunt the bird, or take any beak from him.”

“You mean lip?”

“Do you see a lip on him?”

“You’re right, of course.”


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  1. You were like a starving grizzly!

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