Jack of Hearts…Chapter 29

“What does it say?” he asked, looking over her shoulder.

The Ten of Hearts and the Three of Spades are missing and the Nine of Hearts was found dead next to the Art Institute.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stand still,” said Ace, taking his picture.  “I’ll start with this.  Maybe we can find out who you are from face recognition, like I sad.”

“What about the missing cards.”

“I’m going to find them.”


“What about breakfast?”

Ace picked up her bowl and speed ate her oatmeal. She quickly slathered jam on a thick piece of bread, and ate it on her way to the shower.  “I’ll be out of here in thirty minutes and  the bread is fabulous.”

“Thank you and wait up. We may as well shower together, it’s ecologically sound.”  A towel hit him in the face as he was taking off his pants and he just smiled.

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