Okay, so…revenge, cheeks and eyes

Revenge gets a bad rap.  After all, revenge is simply balancing the books.  Here’s the thing…people are brainwashed into believing that revenge, or fighting back, is wrong and that works exceptionally well for those who take things from others. People are lied to and told that being kind and nice and forgiving will get them pats on the back, a free ride to heaven, or make them good people.  That’s not true.  What it makes them are people who are taken advantage of, people who have sore cheeks and people who can only see out of one eye.

“An eye for an eye makes both people blind.”  Oh, please.  How insane is that saying!  This is just one more way to make people ACCEPT their lot in life and leave the bad guys (please include the churches and government) free to do as they please.  Look, if people think they will lose an eye when they go after someone they will think TWICE about ripping someone off, or abusing that person.  If there is no payback, they are free to take and do whatever they like. And “turning the other cheek,” just leave a person black and blue on both sides.  The thing is to stop the hand/fist, or words,  from reaching your face in the first place.  All those sayings do is give bullies and thieves a pass go ticket to do as they please with no reprisal.

Laws are revenge but they are corrupt.  If you don’t give the state your hard earned money in outrageous taxes they will take your  house, your eyes, or anything else they can carry, especially if you aren’t white.  The thing is they NEVER turn the other cheek…they are ALL ABOUT revenge.  THOSE are the kind of people these crazy sayings serve and protect. THEY want what you have.  They want what you work for and they will slap you around if you don’t give it to them.  Same deal with everyone else.

Brainwashing people into believing that they should take what they get and come out smiling is cruel beyond belief and responsible for most of the trouble and misery people endure, especially WOMEN.  It turns people into doormats, to be walked on again and again.  No one can respect someone who “takes it,” all the time.  If people don’t respect and stand up for themselves, no one else will respect them either.

Conditioning is used to make us into sheep.  It works.  You don’t have to believe the things you’ve been told by others, especially the church and the government.  I’ve seen cheek turners and nice people and I knew immediately that I NEVER want to be like them. That’s how I turned out like this…I saw them.   The cheek turners I’ve known lived miserable lives…never getting what they wanted and always giving and forgiving, again and again and YAWN…again.  I know people who never stop waiting for the day when someone will recognize their goodness and sacrifice…uh, never gonna happen and really, what a terrible way to live.  Abuse comes in many forms.  No one cares about what those people do, others just take what they want.  Remember that abuse may come with a smile rather than a heavy hand but it’s abuse all the same.

Our lives belong to us and no one else.  We can live them anyway we choose to live them. Not believing in revenge/payback/an eye for an eye, or turning the other cheek is a bad thing.  Each of us deserves to have the life we want and the only way to get it is to stand up straight and say, “Go ahead punk, make my day.”


Never turn either cheek to anyone and go for the eyes when you have to do so.  As soon as people know that you won’t take the garbage they want to give you they will treat you differently because PEOPLE ARE SIMPLY REACTING TO THE PERSONALITY YOU ARE PROJECTING and if you show weakness…good luck.

The best revenge?  Easy.  Learn to say “NO.”

Post Script:

A lot of women won’t ever be able to do these things.  They are the ones who tell their beauticians, doctors, therapists, and strangers in stores, how unhappy they are.  They will cry, they will try to be brave but few will be willing to change what they are doing.  This is so pervasive that it amazes me.  All those women bullied by their spouses, children and everyone else.  That’s what brainwashing/turning the other cheek does to people…it makes them miserable, unhappy, drug addicts, suicides and it lets the takers get everything they want.  Think about it.  How many women do you know who are taking antidepressants? Some of the women I’ve seen actually feel saintly because they bear this great burden of never getting anything for themselves and are selfless.  Yeah, no.  Not ever.  And one more thing…where do you think passive-aggressive comes from?  The rage and frustration has to come out somewhere.  Believe it.

Another post script:

This is sad but when I was doing the Gerontology thing (gag), there is overwhelming evidence that women start living and become happy when EVERYONE AROUND THEM DIES and they are FINALLY FREE to live their own lives and have something for themselves!  How truly terrible is THAT?

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4 Responses to Okay, so…revenge, cheeks and eyes

  1. Heartafire says:

    I would surely not be happy to have those around me die, and something
    would be terribly wrong if that were the case. As you say it would surely mean one is so downtrodden the loss would be a relief. Right or wrong I am not one to turn the other cheek, if that is unpleasant for anyone they should not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. However, I am open to compromise. 🙂 enjoyed this post Gigi.

  2. Agree, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It’s true for so many older women, especially from past generations but even today, women carry a heavy load of care taking and backing down, always making everything okay and turning the other cheek. So when they are alone, even if they loved their husbands, it’s the first time they can be themselves and not wait on someone else or do what someone else wants. Some paint, get involved in creative things, travel and just start to enjoy the time they have left without feeling guilty about doing something for themselves…taking TIME for themselves. For a lot of women that’s never see an option. Men do what they want to do and women do what men want them to do and they believe that’s their role and rightful place to never have anything for themselves other than the prescribed and confining boxes they are expected to inhabit.. Look back in herstory and you can see what female lives have been like. Dying in childbirth, working day and night, having to live on what was given to them, always trying to hold things together. Unable to work, to write, to do ANYTHING. Men had all the power, women couldn’t inherit property or even their children. They could be beaten and used. It’s difficult even now, for some women to break out of those roles, especially when their church uses them to do “good works,” and society punishes them for taking anything for themselves. Guilt, punishment, isolation, alienation, being thought of as a bad person for having desires and dreams. So some women bloom once they are alone. Many of the restrictions that bound them are lifted once they are alone.

  3. gserpent says:

    It all stems from people’s minds are not their own. Once you claim your mind the herd rules are for the herd, not you. The can come up with any stupid saying they want. It’s not for the free mind. Fall in love with the word “no”. When your mind is free the herd runs from you.

  4. I agree. The herd runs on fear. When you aren’t part of the herd they label you, threaten you, and jail or kill you but no matter what they do they can never make you part of the herd and that angers them, frightens them, builds resentment and makes some of them even jealous. The thing is, no one is making them stay with the herd but themselves. People cling to those insane sayings to make themselves feel better about being herd members, so that their lives in prison will make some kind of sense, make them feel better about giving up their freedom and choices. It’s too bad but the church and state are experts in mind control. If you want to see people who are not members of the herd, go into any high school and talk to the TROUBLE MAKERS, the ones labeled behavior disordered. They are fabulous, creative and should be our future. The system tries to destroy their futures so they can never rise to the top because they are dangerous to the status quo.

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