Jack of Hearts…Chapter 28

“What’s that smell?” asked Ace, walking into the kitchen, covering a yawn with her hand. 

The crow cawed softly and hopped across the table hoping to get a pet or two.  She scratched the top of his head and thought she heard him purr.

“I baked bread,” said Tim.  “You don’t really cook, well aside from the pasta, and I do.  I got up early and went shopping.  Sit, while I dish up the oatmeal.”

“You cook?”  she said, pouring a glass of grapefruit juice.  “How did you know I liked grapefruit juice.”

“The bread will be delicious as is, or with your favorite jelly.”

“Who are you?” sighed Ace.  “Where were you born?”

“I don’t really know,” laughed Tim.  “No idea.”

“How can you not know where you were born?  Were you adopted, raised by clever wolves who told you nothing of your past?”

“Something like that.”

“What does that mean?”  she asked, as the crow jumped onto her shoulder and pressed his side against her ear.

“I just don’t know.”

Ace pushed at the crow, who cawed menacingly, and leapt onto the table.

“Tell me where you came from, or I swear…”

“I wish I could but I don’t know anything about my life before I met you in the Bus Depot,” he said nervously. 

“But you remembered your name and you’ve been telling me things?”

Tim went to the counter and started cutting the bread.  “I made that stuff up, actually,” he said. 

Ace walked over to him and put her hands on his face.  “You’re telling me you have no idea who you were before I saw you in the depot?”

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.  Once I saw you…everything…just disappeared.”

“How is that possible?”

“I have no idea, but everything before you is a complete blank.  Now and then I can remember things, like cooking and wizard…ing.”

“I’ll do face recognition and trace your prints.”

The crow cawed, flew to the counter and grabbed a slice of warm bread.  He hopped to the floor and went into the living room.

Screaming and squawking ensued and the crow came back into the kitchen with a struggling Blue Jay, hanging halfway out of his beak.

“Message,” said Ace, pulling the note out of the Jay’s beak.  “Let her go, you crazy bird, or I’ll lock you in the closet.”

The Blue Jay tried to stab the crow with her beak but the crow was faster, so the bird just took off screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Can you PLEASE be nice to our guests?” said Ace, glaring at him.  The crow cawed loudly and returned to his breakfast.

“There’s something very wrong with that bird,” said Tim.

“There’s something very wrong with you as well.”


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9 Responses to Jack of Hearts…Chapter 28

  1. bwcarey says:

    good narrative

  2. Echo says:

    Ooo that had neat little elements of “the weird” in it my fav! Who guesses grapefruit juice nobody likes that stuff! Dude is empathic or psychic or…idk but keep it up! Xoxo

    • LOLOL Thank you and I love grapefruit juice…my fav…but hey, to each her own…right? I like sour things. 🙂

      • Echo says:

        Wow lucky you Bc that’s a real true power food there. But everyone I know hates it…Hub and I will do a swig in the morning sometimes bc that taste is like insta-spresso lol

      • I could drink gallons of it and eat grapefruit as well. It’s one of my favorite things. LOL Especially the Ruby Red. OMG…LOVE it.

  3. oooooooooooooh!!! This is new… you wrote more chapters>!>!>!

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