Lush foliage at the Hyatt on Maui…

Trust me, when you’re from Chicago, seeing plants this large outside is amazing.  I’ve seen things like this in Florida, even Vegas and it’s such a treat.  by the time our wee plants get going it’s winter again.  I remember someone visiting from Florida and looking at my plants asking me what was wrong with them?  I had just planted them, that’s what was wrong with them.  Again, we can’t plant until after May 15th and even then we could get another nighttime frost.  We have a short growing season, to say the least.  Well, actually, some weeds grow no matter what so there is that.

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4 Responses to Lush foliage at the Hyatt on Maui…

  1. Heartafire says:


  2. How wonderful. I bet everything is gorgeous. My yard is also lush and green but no flowers. The things that are growing come back every year in spit of my neglect. So I’m happy for that. The flowers will be the final touch. Yay!!!!

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