Jack of Hearts…Chapter 27

“At least we know a little more,” said Ace, picking up the glasses.  “We know where the captives are being held.  Now all we need to do is find out how to get them home.”

The crow flew through the window and perched on the kitchen faucet.  He flapped his wings a little, not having enough space for a full extension, and dropped the note he had been holding in his beak, into the sink.  Ace put a bowl full of peanuts in front of him and unfolded the paper.

“It’s from Facts,” she said.  “A hit’s been posted for Joseph and Ian.  They need to come here, or go into hiding for a bit.”

“I’ll call them.”

“He said you aren’t always a crow,” said Ace, her face close to the birds beak.  “No, I’m not afraid of you, because you know that if you piss me off, I’ll snap your beautiful little neck.  Now tell me how you spoke to me.”


“Try again,” She whispered, petting his wing.

The crow sighed and moved closer to her.  He rubbed his head against her face and Ace felt the tension go out of his body.  His eyes closed and he started falling asleep. 

“Fine, you can stay for a day or two, but that’s it, understand?”

The crow nodded drowsily and fluffed out his feathers.

“You told him he could stay, right?” asked Tim, walking back into the kitchen.

“Just for a couple of days.  I think he’s afraid.”

“I think we need a bigger apartment.”


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