Okay, so…

We were at the Polynesia Cultural Center (I think that’s what it’s called…I don’t pay attention to those things, sorry) and we were sitting in on a talk and demonstration by the Samoan native tribe.  The Chief saw us (before the gig started) and walked over to us.  Our guide bowed a lot and was flustered to be in front of a Chief.  Our guide kept telling us the guy was a Chief, as if that meant something and was important…and it was…to him.  The Chief certainly had a powerful aura but I just smirked at him cuz, really, he just another guy with some cool knowledge and a title, right?  We are all one, so there is that.  Anyway, I was having fun with him and  when we left, after the show, I turned toward him and blew him a kiss.  He grinned and blew a kiss back to me.  So much fun.  Melanie (blogger) said I may be married and not know it and I suppose that’s possible.  But that’s not the point of this story.

The thing is, their culture is almost too much to believe.  The Chief is POWERFUL.  The people are kind.  The sons are responsible for taking care of the grandparents, parents and their SISTERS, in that order.  And this is for real and very serious.  They demonstrated their skills, in different areas, which were extremely impressive. The things the Chief did, well, he might be able to do anything.  Kind of like Superchief. They ALL know how to do whatever it takes to survive off the land.  They also have a wonderful sense of humor and had all of us laughing and snickering.  It was informative and fun.   The Chief was solid and his word was obviously law.  He spent a lot of time with our group before the show started and he was well traveled and pretty cool.  He was supremely comfortable with himself, which is exactly what a Chief needs to be.  I liked him.  I liked the others people in the show as well.  We saw all the other tribes but truthfully, none of them had the same kind of feeling/personality.  The Samoan people were charming, fun, flirty and confident.  I liked that…a lot.

My cousin and I went to Hawaii on a tour.  There were 15 of us.  Everyone was fantastic and I’m so happy I met them.  I was sorry to say goodbye.  But I don’t usually like the activities they have on tours.  I do like being picked up at the airports, not having to move my luggage around, having all kinds of arrangements made for me by someone else and not having to think about anything while I’m having a good time.  So I don’t go with the group on all the scheduled activities.  The only place I go without a plan is Paris…heavy sigh.  That’s where I wanted to go but my cousin is terrified of terrorists.  Like you can’t get killed in Chicago or anywhere else.  Some people are just like that.  She said a cop was killed in Paris.  I just looked at her.  “”A” cop?   Just one?” I tried to remind her how many people were killed in the city and outlying areas of Chicago EVERYDAY.  But I guess she doesn’t think that’s relevant.  As I said, my cousin and I are VERY different.  So, we ended up in Hawaii.  Hawaii is NOT Paris…nothing is Paris but Paris and really, I don’t care if I EVER go anywhere else but there.

If you do go to Waikiki be sure to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center and  when you do…definitely check out the Samoan Chief.  Seriously…do it.

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