Guardians of the Galaxy 2…

The first Guardians is Deb’s favorite film, so we had to see 2 immediately.  We went yesterday and had a blast.  Chris Pratt is fabulous eye candy, he’s cute, he’s built, he’s a bad boy, he dances and he rocks, so there is that.  Deb loved the wee Groot (she has a dancing Groot on her windowsill in the kitchen), and with his big brown eyes and sweet face, no one could ever think anything but…ADORABLE. But Rocket is my guy.  He’s tough, fearless and intelligent.  He can build anything, fly anything, shoot anything…well you get my drift.  I appreciate those qualities in a modified raccoon.  TheGuardians are a rag-tag bunch made up of different species, backgrounds and wants/needs but they are tight and would do anything for each other because they love and respect each other.

The music was better in the first film, for me at least, but it’s still good.  There are a lot of closures in GOTG 2 and they drop and pick up a couple new characters.  All in all, it’s a fun film, meant to be a good time…it doesn’t have to make sense.  Besides, I want to live in space…big Trekkie Fan, GOTG is just one more way to get off this planet.

Here’s the thing to remember…DO NOT LEAVE THE THEATER UNTIL THE SCREEN GOES BLANK or you’ll miss the end of the film and lots of little fun things.


I’m so sick of war, murder and films where women are abused, held captive, constantly threatened, tortured, or killed.  I don’t watch horror films.   GOTG 2 was just a good time and I’m ready for 3.

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7 Responses to Guardians of the Galaxy 2…

  1. Christy B says:

    I can’t wait to see it!! I’m planning to go to the theater in a week or two when the crowds are a bit thinner 😉

    • My daughter doesn’t work on Friday so we went to the early morning show and it was pretty empty, so that was good. Enjoy the movie when you get to see it. 🙂

  2. I hear you on movies that make money off hurting and killing women. I’ll have to take the kids to see this one.

  3. Looking forward to it!

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