Okay, so…bookstore/s

I asked five people in Waikiki if there was a bookstore anywhere in the area.  I got blank stares.  I explained what a bookstore was and got…well, nothing.  No knowledge of a bookstore from anyone.  I saw a guy in the open doorway of a microbrewery, working on a computer, so I stepped in and asked him if he knew where I could find a bookstore.  “Uh…bookstore?  Let me look it up.”  That was nice of him, since he was at work.

I said that I was grateful and waited.  Finally he found one either on another island, or reallllly far away.  He told me that Hawaii has the worst educational system in the country. He said he was from Maine and used to read but I’m guessing he doesn’t read any longer. I told him that people were probably outside all the time, so they didn’t have time to read because they were busy having fun. Then a woman came downstairs and he said she was his boss and that she could help me.  So I asked her the same question and she looked at the computer screen for a few minutes, then smiled.

“There’s a Nordstrom’s right around the corner,” she said happily.

I thanked her very much and left.



Post Script:  Maybe all the people in Waikiki have Kindles.

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6 Responses to Okay, so…bookstore/s

  1. I’m still completely befuddled by this….

  2. Resa says:

    Kindle surfboards? Thank goodness Toronto has a goodly number of disappearing independent bookstores.

    • If they want to read, in Waikiki, they have to order from Amazon because there are no bookstores there, at least not that I could find. I can’t imagine that Maui has any but that’s a resort island and we just walked to a shopping place. The bigger shopping stop was a bus ride away and was for tourists (we drove through it). The only books I saw were in a small store in our hotel (Hyatt) and they were in a basket so guests could read one and put it back, or donate one of their own. There were maybe four or five books and that was it. So strange. I’ve never had to describe what a bookstore was before.

  3. I guess. I’m not sure they ever had bookstores. It’s just a strange thing. Oh well…like I said, maybe they are out having a wonderful time in the ocean or on the sand, and don’t have time to read. 🙂

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