Kitty, kitty…

This kitten lives on Maui and apparently walks all over the place, in all the restaurants, gettting food from people who love and adore cats.  I fed the kitten and so did another person at a table across from us.  The staff was nice to the cat and one of the guys said that everyone feeds the pretty baby.  I was happy about that.   While feral, he does allow pets now and then.  My cousin touched his head.  She likes animals but she has a lot of rules about things and even if she’s right about what cats should eat, they eat garbage when they’re hungry and part of my lunch wouldn’t hurt the cat…that’s what he eats all the time. Beautiful cat, prettier than anything on the islands, as far as I’m concerned…perfection.

Lots of bird are in the restaurants and when people get up from their tables the birds immediately dive in for food, before the tables are bussed.  We were waiting to be seated and a sparrow flew into the doorway of the restaurant and I saw an older guy kick at it.  I just glared at him and he was looking right at me.  I growled and wanted to rip his throat out. May seem extreme but I like sparrows.  I don’t like anyone who tries to hurt others. Sparrows are nicer than that guy.  How moronic, to kick at a tiny bird.  I should have reported him. Blah.  Maybe he will be attacked by a flock of birds and pecked to death, that way, everything will be squared.  Works for me.

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8 Responses to Kitty, kitty…

  1. Resa says:

    This photo is exquisite. The cat is a beauty, and your love of cats shows through in this shot. 😀

    • Thank you so much for that. He was so incredibly sweet and beautiful. I fell madly in love the second I saw him. I didn’t mind leaving Hawaii but I would have stayed for the cat. Just seeing him made me so happy. ❤

  2. cindy knoke says:

    I love it when I travel to places that let cats, dogs, birds come on into the restaurant and eat with me! It happens so many places, but not in the US.

    • I love that as well. America is germaphobic and rule oriented. Law suits would begin immediately. People in other places are relaxed and open to things/nature. It was wonderful.

  3. What a sweety and yes i think a bird attack would serve that guy right!

    • Absolutely. If I would have been there longer I would have tried to organize them, but I was leaving that day and didn’t think I could pull it off. Maybe he will go on a sunset cruise and be dragged under the pontoon:) Who says I don’t have happy thoughts? Right?

  4. I love that as well.

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