Okay, so…2 photographs

I walked around Waikiki by myself, while my cousin went to Pearl Harbor, and I had a great time.  Every big name designer was there, so I had fun window shopping, talking to people and enjoying the sunny day.  I went to the beach and dedicated my lei to The Duke. You are to dispose of lei’s properly and with care and respect, so I placed mine at his feet and I told him that even thought I didn’t surf, I loved the water and his personal history was interesting and exciting.  He has leis on his outstretched arms and around his feet, mine was not the only one, not even close.  He’s the GOD of surfers.

I liked Waikiki.  It had fabulous things, a great beach and nice people.  The view from our balcony was great and I would wait for first light to see the surfers bobbing in the water.

I would have slept on the balcony if I could have gotten the mattress out there but it was too big and too heavy, so I settled for sitting in the chair, or leaning against the railing, whenever I was in the room.  The surfers danced along the waves, riding them, then falling.  Great spot to surf.  The waves on Maui,  in some places, were too rough, crashing into the shore and if you wanted to have any action you had to move farther down the beach..

Had some delicious food but one night we had the most wonderful dinner.  Our table faced open air, looking onto a pond with swans (and their wee ones).  As the sun went down singing birds filled the trees. The chef was incredible.  Yum.  And yes, the Molten Lava Cake, with some kind of vanilla ice cream was so good that I may have made small animal noises and closed my eyes a lot but I WASN’T the only one.  OMG

Living there would be nice but I always felt as if I needed a shower and my clothes were drenched from the ocean.  I never felt dry.  You could walk in the surf at Waikiki but just putting your foot on the sand in Maui (where we were staying at the Hyatt) meant gigantic WAVES that buried you in the sand and soaked you immediately.

I recognize that the people who live there work everyday and go home to their kids, just like everyone else.  At least they do it in nice weather but they don’t live like those who are on vacation, that’s for sure.  The center to the hotels, both Hyatt’s, are open to the sky, which is fabulous, unless it rains (which it did the last day on Maui), then everyone walks next to the walls so they don’t get even wetter.

So, here’s the thing.  I like Waikiki better than Maui because it’s a small city and things are going on.  The place on Maui was a resort and there are hotels everywhere, lined up along the coast, but far enough from each other, surrounded by amazing trees and flowers, etc. But not much else.  You’re basically a captive. You can lay on the beach/deck chairs, or swim in the pools/grottos. There are bars and eating establishments all over the place and beautiful places to walk, through fantastic, lush, landscaping.  Beautiful but not the place for me.  That may be relaxing and enough for some people but I would go insane pretty quickly.  We are who we are.  I’m okay with that.

Went to the top of a mountain to see a crater.  The mountain is taller than Everest, because they measure from under the ground.  Unfortunately, it was the day it rained and there was a white out, so didn’t see anything.  The ride was pretty but I would have much rather been playing on the streets in Waikiki, or anywhere else, actually.

Flight takes forever.  Laugh if you like, but it’s the truth.  I think we need to push the islands toward us, or vice versa, but we would ruin them…I’m sure of it.   I won’t go back there, that’s for sure.  Beautiful but…city girl.  Met a woman who said the same thing.  She was really funny.  She’s like, “There’s nothing to do here.  I’m locked in.  I like Waikiki better.”  Kindred spirit for sure.

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9 Responses to Okay, so…2 photographs

  1. Sounds beautiful AND not for me 🙂 Your description and photos will suffice !!

  2. maggie0019 says:

    loved Hawaii so much when I served there. Aloha

  3. Jon Kenna says:

    Love these shots. First one is my favourite

  4. omtatjuan3 says:

    Wow! Now that is some fun!

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