Love eating out in the open…

So, here’s the thing.  In Waikiki, we had wonderful breakfasts on an upper level of the hotel that was open to nature.  Pigeons joined us and walked around the floor, picking up crumbs dropped by innocent diners and looking for handouts.  My cousin hates pigeons.  I love pigeons.  So, I started feeding them. They were so sweet and adorable.  She finally stopped telling me to quit feeding them because I wouldn’t.  The birds weren’t pushy and the servers didn’t bother them at all and were careful not to nudge, or step on them.  My cousin calls them, “flying rats.”  My cousin and I have our issues, as you can imagine.  But…life’s like that and freedom is what it’s all about…she’s free to NOT feed them and I’m free to FEED them as much as I like and I do, cuz I’m crazy about them.  🙂   See that’s the thing…just because someone doesn’t like what’s going on, doesn’t mean the person has the right to stop others from doing it.  She sees disease and I see beautiful birds.  It’s all about personal vision.  Aloha.

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4 Responses to Love eating out in the open…

  1. Cecilia says:

    This is what our differences are made of, well said. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much. We each have our own version of life and reality, that’s for sure. What’s true for one is not true for the other, yet both things are true. We each live in our own world.

  2. reocochran says:

    It is hard to be respectful to others when the opinions are completely opposite. I assume just agreeing to disagree works for your cousin and you? 🙂

    • We both put up with each other. LOL We bother each other but we really are all that’s left of the family and we’ve been close most of our lives. I drive her crazy by feeding and petting everything I see and she drives me crazy by wiping things down with little packaged wipes. We don’t always enjoy the same things but we still go places together and sometimes it’s great and other times we just look at each other. Her mom and my dad were siblings. We are very different.

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