Okay, so…

Everyday, I read so many beautiful posts about paying attention.  About taking one’s time, putting thought into what we are doing.  Mindfulness.  Meditation.  Concentration.  Works so well for some. I understand it.  I used to do astral traveling/meditation and I definitely zone out when I’m focused and making art but most of the time I’m too excited about life to be quiet, to be still.  When I die, my energy can chill out but while I’m here, I’m having fun. It’s not “Monkey Mind,” it’s joyful participation in LIFE.  People like to tell others their brains are looking for bananas but that’s just because some people don’t like, or don’t want, or can’t handle the stimulation and SEE everything at once.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just another way of looking at life.  I always want more, that’s why the song, I WANT IT ALL, by Queen, is my mantra.  I want sun, I want Chicago, I want laughter, joy, art, excitement, fun, beautiful things, down time, flowers, more sun, blue skies, peace, you know, an end to violence, a government who isn’t trying to kill us, a clean and beautiful environment, an end to the slaughter of animals and their habitat.  Wellness for everyone, an end to dictators and inequality (in EVERY area).  There’s so much to do, see and experience in life.  I want to be everywhere and see everything and touch as much as I can and learn about things and lecture and meet people and listen to their stories and take BIG bites out of every single day.

I’ve had time to know myself.  Many Only children aren’t distracted while growing up and they do get to know who they are.  I have found that mindfulness and focus, are not the only way to become centered.  I think each of us has to find, and walk our own path.

People like me don’t “miss” things because we’re moving fast.  We see different things,  we look for different things.   I’m not running through life, I’m taking a lot in.   There is NO right way to live…there are only individual ways.  If we want to be happy, we have to listen to ourselves.  We have to live our own life.  My answers aren’t for anyone else. Our lives belong to us as individuals.  It’s fun to experiment but no one can tell anyone else how to live.  You may not like, or agree, with my choices but they are perfect for me and that’s all that matters.  I’ve had a blast.  I wouldn’t change a single thing.

It’s up to each of us to find out what we need, or want, for ourselves.   I did the Zen thing, the psych thing, did SOOOO many “things.”  I learned what I liked and didn’t like. Found out that politics are part of every single process/organization that exists, no matter what people say, or how badly they don’t want things to be that way.  Not everyone plays the games but systems are political and, with the exception of the Tao, they are hierarchical in every way.  Power, leaders, followers, yeah, that never worked for me.  I simply can’t follow anyone. Don’t believe in leaders, or in followers.  Some people have good ideas but that’s all they are…ideas…personal opinions/points of view.  We all have those. We’re all just humans. Anytime I see anyone in costume and people bowing…uh, no.  Not in a million years. Over my lifetime I’ve asked a lot of “leaders,” a lot of questions and they don’t like that.  They don’t answer either.  People who ask questions that make leaders uncomfortable are labeled troublemakers, or radicals (yes, thank you), or people who SIMPLY DON’T UNDERSTAND.  LOLOL  That’s my favorite.  But people should be able to answer questions about their thing.  If they have followers, shouldn’t they be willing to discuss the issues?  Yeah, no, not really.  Asking questions is offensive because obedience and toeing the line is what’s expected most of the time.  It true about everything. Questions make people in charge unhappy, it puts them on the spot.  If you’re a woman, ask your boss why you’re making so much less than the guy at the next desk, when you’re doing more work than he is and you’re been there longer.  Questions are not welcome.  Why do you go to church when priests are raping your kids and using your donations to pay lawyers to get them out of lawsuits, or shut kids up?  See, people don’t like to discuss things like that.  They want to believe other things, even when faced with the facts, so nothing really changes because people refuse to change their beliefs and their behavior and that’s why we live with constant war, inequality, violence, hatred, greed, an imbalance of power and the destruction of people, the environment, animals and life in general. People are afraid to ask questions and demand answers.  Pretty simple really.  So we all get to where we’re going by following our own route.  What’s good and beautiful for one person, is a disaster for another, that’s why we need to let people do their own thing, cuz we each HAVE a thing that only we can see and I believe there are lots of ways/paths that will take us to where we need/want to go.  My path has always been easy for me to see and I’ve been dancing every step of the way.

One more thing.  People who are in systems/organization, no matter what they are, don’t have the faintest idea what anyone else who belongs to those systems/organizations thinks, or sees.  Each person is experiencing something entirely different from everyone else, at the same time. It can’t BE any other way.  It absolutely cannot be any other way. Each of us is our own world.

Interesting, for sure.

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