Jack of Hearts…Chapter 19

There was a partially burnt piece of paper on the kitchen table.  It said: 

Thanks for leaving the burner on.  It was nice. I appreciate it. 

I’ll be gone for a couple of days.  There’s a big fire in California,

so I’ll be visiting relatives.  If  you need me, just call my name

three times.

Love, Smokey  

PS:  I turned off the stove, just in case.

“That was thoughtful,” said Tim.

“I told you he was a good guy.”

“You did but is he a real guy?”

“Sure, he’s just made out of smoke and a few other things.”

“Got it,” said Tim, grinning.  “There’s no food in the fridge,” he added, staring at the bare shelves.  “Unless you like pickle juice and mustard but the mustard looks questionable.”

“There should be bagels in the freezer.”

“Oh, there are,” he said excitedly, grabbing the plastic bag.  “Plastic bags are bad for the environment but since you kill people, I’ll just pop a couple in the oven and recycle the bag later.”

“I’m going to take a shower, then I have to go in to work.”

“I’ll put the oven on low and come with you,” he snickered, tearing off his tank top.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

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2 Responses to Jack of Hearts…Chapter 19

  1. Carolyn Page says:

    Hahahaaaa….. Leaving with a smile! 🙂

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