Okay, so…

I think we can all agree that forever, is a very long time.  Longer than we can imagine and when you actually think about it, forever has always existed because we KNOW that there had to be SOMETHING to start off the Big Bang, if that is, in fact, what kicked off this universe, right?  Even if there wasn’t something, we can still think that forever existed because we can’t really think there was nothing but perhaps we can measure nothing even if that was the case.  Okay, maybe you don’t believe that but that’s okay, let’s just concentrate on forever.  Even if everything disappears, including time and space, we will be gone forever and that’s true whether or not anyone is counting eons.

When you consider how long forever is, we are alive for a VERY short time.  We crash and burn at every age, so some are here for less time than others but even a human who lives into her, or his, hundreds, doesn’t really count for much, even to us, because older people, as a group, are disliked/invisible in America, a culture that thrives on selling youth and lies, which has nothing at all to do with forever but it pisses me off.  The point is, a hundred, compared to forever, is too small a number to count, or bother with.

Here’s the thing.  When you compare our life span with forever, wouldn’t you think we would want to SPEND the little time we have doing something OTHER than killing each other?  Doesn’t it make sense to enjoy the time we do have, before forever begins? Even if reincarnation is true, we will NEVER have this lifetime again.  What makes us WASTE our limited time being violent, greedy, hateful, selfish, murderous, evil and disgusting, instead of laying around enjoying the earth and each other?  Money and power are killing us.  We are allowing them to kill us.

Seems we are the dumbest species currently alive.  No other species has baggage. They mate, hang out, eat and sleep a lot.  The only thing they have to worry about is that WE will find them and kill them too, because we kill everything.

If we asked ourselves how we wanted to spend the last ten hours we had left, how many would want to beat, rape, torture and kill someone, or some other being, instead of loving, laughing, eating, dancing and having fun?  I know what my answer is but I fear far too many would choose the violent ending.

We are all dying.  Everyone of us.  People die in accidents, other people are ill and some people just quit playing and turn in their chips.  We are all living the last days we have, even if those days add up to years.  Everyday could be our last day, we should think about how we want to spend them?

Love and live…or…the current hate, greed, violence/death?  It’s our choice…after all, look what we have done to ourselves, the earth and every living being that we haven’t yet driven into extinction.  We are the Destroyers and I’m positive (you definitely don’t have to agree with me on this one), that we lived on Mars and destroyed the planet/atmosphere and moved here.  When we’re finished killing this one, we’ll just keep going UNLESS, some other beings out there end us, for the good of the Universe and everyone else in it, including some tiny worms that must be living out there somewhere.

Anyway, we need to do away with consuming as a life style, hating/warring/killing/power mongering, as our cultural heritage, letting governments and societies continue to brainwash us into believing that this is the way things are/have to be.  Sure cave people murdered each other but we’re supposed to be smarter than they are.  We have language and writing, as well as the wheel and fire and an amazing number of guns and other things that kill.  Media is driving us insane and our government has become our enemy.  Each day we waste being unhappy, miserable, and attacked, we are one day closer to the end of our lives and the beginning of forever.

I’m thinking we need to turn off TVs, forget that government exists, eat chocolate and read good books while petting a cat, or dog.  Play, blow bubbles, sing, make tents for adults, have parties, stop hating people because someone told you to hate them, respect each other and if you don’t like someone, fine, but leave them alone and hopefully they’ll do the same.  We need to think about the kids who are being born into our greedy, hate driven society.  Gangs are families because kids NEED to know someone has their backs and adults and society certainly doesn’t have them.  We fail on every level.  We let ourselves be pushed around, we believe the lies, and support the institutions that corrupt and destroy people and community.   Government, churches, institutions and businesses are greedy and corrupt, so they can’t do anything else but what they are doing.  We can turn our backs on all of them.  Without US they can’t exist.

I want to use the time I have left to continue having a good time.   If people want to kill each other, let’s just give them a small country, or a big state and put them all there to play their hateful games with each other.  If they try to leave they will immediately go to FOREVER, so they can’t hurt any of the beings outside their area.  Then everyone else can dance around the May Pole, have picnics in meadows, pet deer and play on the beach.  Yeah, I don’t believe that’s gonna happen either but dreams don’t cost anything, so…there is that.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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16 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. lorigreer says:

    A powerful post with compelling advice and insight. Thank you.

  2. gserpent says:

    I don’t want to get to deep because I will go on forever. This universe is one of billions. We have white and black holes that go to others. Cosmic energy goes through these holes and it is the power behind the sun and everything else, including our minds. We can only explain this power or force as electrical. It is a power or force that wants to create. This power has always existed. There never was nothing. Nothingness can only create nothing. Forever is even longer than we can imagine.
    Forget Mars, we screwed this entire galaxy up. Just look at it. The ancient texts say we are locked on this planet because of what happened in the past. I’m anxiously watching to see if they can get a human to Mars. According to the ancient texts, we humans can’t get past the moon.
    You are right. We are like nothing else on this planet. That’s how I know we are alien to it. This planet is not our original home and that is why the so-called leaders don’t mind destroying it.
    Great post!!! I love it. 😊

    • I agree completely. I’ve always believed we are a prison planet…on lockdown. Solitary confinement. An experiment gone wrong, or just an experiment. I don’t believe we ever went to the moon, that was politics, not reality. Definitely not from here, we are out of step and out of balance. We are pretty much killers and destroyers of everything and you’re right, we won’t be allowed to get to Mars, or anywhere else. I believe there are beings on Mars right now. The thing is, are we here just to see what happens? Why don’t they, whoever “they” might be, just get rid of us? We’ve been manipulated from the start. Our common language broken into different ones, our DNA played with, our brains manipulated with as well. We are being played big time and condemned to a paradise we don’t understand or appreciate. Testosterone = violence in too many. We are like crazy gladiators fighting each other in an arena of our own making. Life is getting cheaper and cheaper by the moment and we are becoming more detached from each other than ever before. All of this is being done on purpose. Oh so called leaders are brain damaged, morons…oh, did I write that out loud? LOLOL Thank you for your wonderful comment.

      • gserpent says:

        You are welcome and thank you.
        I have to believe these aliens, the Devas, locked us in here because the alien-hominid mind has so much potential. The first race that was created was wise beyond what we can imagine. We are the dumb down version of that first race. We all have alien and hominid genes, but the alien mind is the ego mind and it is very dangerous. As we can see by the shape of our world. We continue to prove the Devas right for locking us in here. The alien gene is what locks us in here. We will either grow up or kill ourselves off. Until then the lock stays on. From what I can tell the plan is to try to make another Atlantis and America was the first step. It is what Sir Francis Bacon’s book New Atlantis is about.
        I’m on the fence about the moon. I read that the moon was put into place and it is the lock that keeps us in. I thought that it was a little to far out for me, but then I read that our U.S. government had plans to try to blow up the moon in the 80’s. The excuse they used was they were going to show Russia how powerful they were. Talk about starting over if they would have done that.

      • I think the moon is being used by us, or by others. Something hit it and it RANG for for five minutes, a tinny sound that baffled astronomers. Anything is possible and we don’t KNOW anything at all. The UN-DOCTORED photographs of the moon show positive signs of advanced life. The woman who works for the government said that they always have to erase the things the government doesn’t want us to see, or know. So, not a clue. I definitely believe we did not go there, waving flags, no blast crater under the ship, shadows in the wrong places, no stars in the background and a million other mistakes. But I agree, we won’t be allowed to leave here.

  3. Excellent read, glad to have come across this.

  4. Heartafire says:

    A very powerful and thoughtful post Gigi. We are all going on instinct, it seems to be our nature to kill for what we believe to be rightfully “ours”. I can’t explain that. The notion that our leaders don’t mind destroying this planet because they know we are not of it is ludicrous, they are not that savvy.

    • I think we still run on some instincts but I think the inequality of life in general is driving people insane. Hormones are a key factor and societies “rules,” the rules made up by others is also a really bad thing. We still have instincts but there are other factors at play now and none of them are good, that’s for sure. Poisoned food, air and water, all the “isims,” yeah, not good. Less freedom and more hatred. Deadly combination.

  5. Well said, Gigi. Brings to mind the title of John Livingston’s book, ‘One Cosmic Instant, Man’s Fleeting Supremacy.’ Fleet away.

    • I will look up the book. Thank you. More like Fleeting Insanity because the supremacy part is only in the minds of those who don’t realize that we are insane. Thank you again.

  6. lisakunk says:

    You made my day. I thank you so much for this thought-provoking post.

  7. Resa says:

    Heading out to pet my cats. I’m sure I will find them. There’s only circa: 20 known cat nests in the house!

  8. How much fun is that! Have a great time.

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