Jack of Hearts…Chapter 15

“Want a drink?” asked Ace, as she opened the door to her favorite bar.

“Sure,” said Tim.  “Why not.”

“Luscious one, it’s been a while,” said the bartender, a tall, slender man with jet black hair and large deep brown eyes.  “You’re looking a little rough around the edges, Love. Whatcha been up to?”

“I feel rough around the edges, Facts.  This is my cousin, Tim.  Tim, this is Facts. He knows absolutely everything.”

“Oh, honey, if he’s your cousin, I’m your Fairy Goddess Mother.”

“Just go with it, okay,”  sighed Ace.

“Whatever you say, darling,” he said, as he put a glass of orange juice on the rocks in front of her.  “What about you, gorgeous?”

Tim looked around and then put his hand on his chest.  “Me?”

“Not too swift, is he,” Facts muttered to Ace.

“First time in town,” said Ace, sipping her juice.

“A Chicago Virgin,” Facts said, ringing a bell.  “THERE’S A VIRGIN IN THE HOUSE,” he shouted, pointing at Tim.  Everyone applauded and hooted in his direction

“What’s happening?” asked Tim, staring at the crowd.

“You’re the new guy,” sighed Facts, touching his own mouth, smudging his lipstick.  “That gives everyone permission to yell and let off some steam.  Now, what do you want to drink my lovely?”

“I’ll have what she’s having,” said Tim. “Please.”

Facts looked at Ace.  “Wherever did you find this pretty boy and does he have any brothers?”

“I killed Mathews and three of his goons a little while ago.”

“Oh, honey,” said Facts. 

“They murdered Four.”

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, trying to hug her over the bar.  “Did you get your jacket?”

“She was wearing it.”

“Maybe the Clean Up Crew can save it.”

“They said they’d try.”

“You know what kind of trouble you’ve started, don’t you, darling?”

“I do.  Thanks for the drinks, Facts.  If you hear anything, let me know.”

“You know I will, Love.  Watch your back.”

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6 Responses to Jack of Hearts…Chapter 15

  1. Heartafire says:

    love this…keep it coming.

  2. Resa says:

    Okay… now I’m over-imagining this jacket. There’s something about the jacket.

  3. LOLOL I love that. 🙂

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