Jack of Hearts…Chapter 14

“You knocked me out,” said Tim, in amazement.

“I’ll do it every time you won’t stop talking on a job.

“I’m sorry about your friend.”

“She wasn’t my friend, she was my coworker.”

“That’s not true,” he said, putting his arm over her shoulder. “I think we’re being followed.”

“We are being followed and she was my friend. Now when I tell you to drop, I want you to fall to the ground and cover your head. Do you understand?”

“I do, but what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to kill the three guys following us.”

“Are you sure they’re bad guys?”

“Drop,” she said, as she turned and put a bullet through each of their foreheads. She walked over to them and put another bullet into each of their hearts. “That was for Four. This is for me. She shot them again.”

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