One of my many Artist Trading Cards (ATC)…fun to make


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7 Responses to One of my many Artist Trading Cards (ATC)…fun to make

  1. mederium says:

    holy shyte so true.. 🙂
    brave enough to be the true, raw-natural you and send that out to the world!!! gah!!
    the courageous soul, wading against the current, arms open wide releasing the art/essence of their soul!

    • Artists are brave and the enemy of the state. That’s why they are the first ones to be arrested when trouble starts. It’s because the show everyone the truth and that cannot be allowed. It’s also brave because all artist show themselves through their art. It can’t be any other way. Artists ARE their art. 🙂 Glad you liked the trading card.

  2. alindaperry says:

    Just a slight disagreement here. One doesn’t need to be brave to be an artist. Everyone does their art, some live and breathe through it. It is in showing the art, displaying the art, it is in allowing others to see it, and eventually allowing others to really know what it means to you— that is the bravery. Anyone can ‘be’ an artist….not everyone can show their art. However, secret art is just a stage, that almost every artist goes through. Eventually, the bravery and the courage takes over the whole being of the artist and then.. well, then, just watch.. My style of art is writing… photography, collage and a few other directions. Rememeber, you already ‘are’ an artist. Now, once you show it, you are a brave artist, a courageous artist and an artist that reaches out to people that might have, ordinarily been, silent .. Sometimes it is difficult for Christian artists to show their art, to be out in the public eye because ‘most’ art is liberal, and ‘most art’ is not conservative nor Christian.
    But then, that might be a mistatement also. Since there are many artists out there that are not showing but they are just ‘being’ artists. I would love to see ALL artists connect and come together in a peaceful and non-judgeing way, and by all artists, I mean also, “Christian artiists, and liberal artists, and ‘all ‘ artists. But that’s just hopeful thinking. I am a Christian artist. Smiles, I am a courageous, Christian artist and author. Peace to all who read here.

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