Jack of Hearts…Chapter 13

“I know you’re there,” he said, his voice low and raspy.  “You never have to hide from me Ace.  You know that.  Show yourself my lovely Diamond.”

“Don’t you EVER  get tired of hearing yourself talk?” asked Ace, rolling her eyes.  “I’m not your lovely anything, Mathews.  Just release Four and we can all go home.”

“Do you think I asked you here just to say hello?”

“Tell me what you want.  I have better things to do than stand here listing to you.  Where’s Four?  She has my jacket.”

“I think you’re jacket is floating in the water,” he said calmly.  “I would have had her remove it, if I had known it was yours.”

“You killed her?”

“I did and she won’t be the…”

The knife sticking out of his throat stopped him from finishing the sentence. Ace saw his eyes widen and watched him fall to his knees.  Then she pushed him to the ground and kicked him until she heard his ribs snap.  “I liked that jacket you moron.”

She ran to the water climbed onto the cement railing and dove in.  Four was floating face down, her red hair spread around her, snagging bits of debris. 

“Four?” said Ace, flipping her over.  “You got my jacket soaking wet.”

Four started laughing.  “Did you kill him?”

“I did,” said Ace.  “You scared me.  I keep forgetting how good you are at playing dead,”

“It’s all the practice,” she said, coughing.



“You hurt?”

“Sorry about the jacket, Ace.  I’m glad you got him.  I’ll miss you,” she whispered. And then she was gone.

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