I was cleaning out the garage and found this book bag.  It’s from the bookstore I was part-owner in years ago.  Had a lot of fun but things don’t always work out the way you expect them to, that’s for sure.  Independents have a hard time staying alive even when people have the best intentions and people you think you know, you don’t know at all.  I painted the moon on the ceiling of the shop (hard to do…I don’t know how Michelangeo did it…LOL), hard to look up for any length of time.  I painted the sun too and a mouse hiding behind some of the books on a shelf.  I loved decorating and painting on the front windows, ordering books and meeting all the cool customers.  We had a lot of fabulous events, as well.  We even had a shop full of greyhounds, up for adoption.  I got to pet all of them and that was so lovely.  We had amazing women jewelers show their creations and I still wear some of their beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces all the time. It was a great little shop, while it lasted.

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8 Responses to Bookbag…memories

  1. Heartafire says:

    A wonderful experience, it’s hard to compete with the big stores!

    • It is. Your discount prices are based on the number of books ordered and for a tiny shop ten books was a lot (of one title), while chains ordered hundreds of thousands to cover them across the country. Now Amazon has killed pretty much everything and continues to do so. Chicago still has lots of independents but they are mostly used bookstores. Women wanted to support us but we couldn’t sell books for the marked down prices the chains did and after a while, they started buying at cheaper prices. We didn’t have a chance but it was wonderful while we existed.

      • Heartafire says:

        it’s a shame. There was a lovely little bookstore here called Half Off Books, I loved it so much but it went out of business! The books were really selling very cheap and I was able to pick up some great books including Coopers Trilogy. I hated that it closed!

  2. It’s always sad when a bookstore closes. I know the feeling. So many of them are gone. It’s not the same buying things on line. You can’t see them or touch them and when you buy them, you’re often by yourself, just you and your laptop, not surrounded by other book lovers and the energy of the bookstore. Not the same thing.

  3. Resa says:

    I’m glad you got to have that experience!
    There are several book shops around the corner from me, but they also sell used books to make a go. I moved to this area because of it’s quaint village lifestyle, book shops, small coffee shops, independent green grocers, a few clothing boutiques, gift shops, European delis, bakeries (just smell that fresh bread!) small restos, the oldest movie theater in Toronto, a gourmet ice-cream parlour, a 399 acre park with a large wilderness area and a beach with a boardwalk across the street..
    Now the condo developers are squeezing us from the edges of the village. The crazy thing is that they use the village lifestyle to sell it. Of course this village, and its bookshops, etc. will be gone once they fill it with condos.

    • It sounds as if you live in a corner of heaven. I’m so sorry the greedy money grubbers have plans to destroy that amazing village. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Money is all that matters today. Perhaps you could join together and legally stop them…turn the village into a historic site or something. I hope so. What a shame it would be to destroy something that lovely.

  4. AM Roselli says:

    I can only imagine, how fabulous a bookstore yours must have been
    one can always dream

    • We had a lot of fun. I did mass hypnosis to groups of women and it was fabulous. But we couldn’t compete, so that’s just the way it was. You would have liked it. Comfy chairs and all kinds of great books. That was one of the best things…watching the UPS man walk through the door with huge boxes of books that I could open, look at and buy. LOL Loved that.

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