Jack of Hearts…Chapter 11

“You make great sauce,” he said, wiping a piece of bread across his plate.

“And you know how to eat, using bread.  I like that,” said Ace, touching his shoulder. 

“I’m good at a lot of things,” he agreed, licking his fork.

“Hold that thought,” she sighed, getting off of his lap to open the window.  “Yes?  How can you help me?” 

The crow eyed her, dropped a small envelop onto the windowsill and tried to come inside.

“No.  Last time I let you in, you stayed for three months and you know how well that worked out.  “He’s my cousin.  Stay there and I’ll get some peanuts.”

“A friend of yours?”

“You could say that.  He’s a courier, actually.”

“What is he really?”

“He a crow.”

“He’s not,” said Tim, frowning.  “He’s only a crow when he want’s to be.”

“Is what he’s saying true?” she asked the bird, giving him a small bag of nuts.

“The crow ruffled his feathers, gave Tim the evil eye, and flew away.”

“He doesn’t like you,” said Ace

“He doesn’t know me.”

Ace ripped the envelop apart and read the short note.

Ace, I’m being held captive by Mathews, who wants to hurt me.  He said he’ll let me go, if you meet him behind the Mart at midnight tonight. 

I’m sorry I’ve kept your jacket for so long.  If you save me you can have it right away because I’m wearing it and I know you don’t want it to come to you all messy, covered in my guts, right?  Love 4 of Ds

“The Mart?”

“Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  That bloody town.  There’s ALWAYS something sinister going on in that place.  That’s where Queen was last seen.”

“I like the way she signed it.  Short, but to the point, 4 Ds.  Cute,” he said happily, staring at the note.  “Let’s go save her, so you can get your jacket back.”

“I will save her.  You are staying here.”

“What’s the fastest way there?”

“Did you hear me?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer my question.”

“I will answer your question, when you ask a question I want to answer.”

“Oh, good one,” he said, picking up his backpack.


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