Jack of Hearts…Chapter 9

“What were you thinking?  Exposing yourself like that?” ranted Ace, hitting Tim with the wooden spoon she had in her hand.

“I haven’t exposed myself to anyone but you,” he said.  “Is that pasta sauce?”

“You KNOW what I mean.”

“I was hungry and I thought he’d believe that I was your cousin, thereby, stopping him from wondering who you had in your bedroom.”

“Now he knows what you look like and he’ll check up on you.”

“He was looking at you, not me.  He’s in love with you.”

“Ack,” she grimaced. 

“He loves you and you don’t even see him.  He’s turning a bit grayish because of it.  He thinks about you all the time and doesn’t know why you don’t…”

“Stop it.  How am I supposed to work with him if any of that is true?”

“It’s all true, but he’s kind of resigned to his fate.”

“What were you doing in that bus depot?”

“I was waiting for you.”

“No you weren’t,” she muttered, adding something to the big pot.

“I felt that something important was going to happen, so I sat there and waited.  You were that something.  The Universe wanted us to be together.”

“My life made so much sense before I met you.”

“How very dull and boring.”

Ace stopped stirring.  She looked at him and smiled.  “You’re right.  How could I not have seen that?”

“Work does that to people.  They get so used to doing the same thing everyday that they stop thinking about doing anything else.  Fun simply disappears from their lives.”

“That’s so sad.  And I did it to myself.”

“Who else could do it TO you,” he asked.  “Wanna go into the bedroom and have fun?”

“No, it’s too far away. Just clear off the table.”

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