TED Talk…racism

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  1. Powerful talk. I think geographic segregation is one of the main factors in the continuance of racism, too.

    • Definitely. Just one more thing to keep certain people down and out. Horrible.

      • I think the problem is more widespread than just the “system” or “man” being at fault. Suburbia itself is a big part of the problem. Movies perpetuate stereotypes. Our culture programs us to expect certain things. To behave a certain way. It’s not easy to buck your culture.

  2. We are conditioned and brainwashed by our societies into believing things our culture wants us to think are true. That is the system. That is what culture is all about. No one is born believing anything. All the things in our heads are put there one by one by our parents, the system, including the churches, schools and everything we experience. None of it has to be true, just what they want us to believe. It’s difficult to even see what we believe because we have been successfully controlled and brainwashed into believing the what we think we know is real when it’s not. So, it’s not easy to fight back but if we want change, that’s what we must do. Sigh. Your snow pictures were gorgeous, by the way. So beautiful.

  3. mylifeliverpool says:

    I came to live in Liverpool, UK in 1973 aged just nine after living in Cyprus for five years and fleeing the start of the Turkish invasion. Originally born in London, I, my brothers, sister and parents left the UK for a new life in Cyprus. The war broke out so we came back to the UK to settle in Liverpool. We lived in five areas of Liverpool over forty years- Croxteth, Tuebrook, West Derby and Huyton and Broadgreen and in that time we were at war with the racists. They attacked our home, burned our car, threw a brick in my sisters face at just 2 years of age. During 1970s and 1980s racism was rife in Liverpool and it should have (if one existed) been awarded the Capital of Racism. Glad to say I got out in the end- unfortunately my mother was punched down the stairs at 75 years of age and later got Cancer and my father (80 years old) had CS gas sprayed into his face after racists smashed into their home in Liverpool- that was just five years ago so nothing has changed. Our family spent the 70s and 80s just staying alive in Liverpool. Memories of Liverpool- not good. Racism is something you are taught, by your parents and them by there parents.

    • That is truly horrifying. I’m so sorry that happened to you and to your entire family. I agree…everything is taught by parents, teachers, EVERYONE. They are brainwashed and just pass the hatred and prejudices on and on. The church is great at teaching hate, just like governments. We all need to look at the things we think are real and true and recognize that they are NOT and re educate ourselves to be open and see the truth. It’s scary how crazy and hateful people can be. I have lived in Chicago my entire life and when I was young someone painted the Black Hand on our front door because my grand parents were Italian. My neighborhood was multicultural but they/we were the only Italians. My mom was Swedish. Hatred is definitely TAUGHT AND REINFORCED/REWARDED, just like all the hateful things the government and those in charge, want people to believe so they are easily controlled and those brainwashed people do the job the government wants them to do without pay or even asking. They hate and kill and torment for the rich and moronic because that’s what they have been taught to do. They don’t realize they are puppets of the hateful people at the top. Pathetic. Again. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you and your family to survive under those terrible conditions.

      • mylifeliverpool says:

        Thanks and yes you are 100% on mark with what you say but I don’t think racism in Liverpool especially will ever end as it’s in the blood. It’s been in the blood of the Liverpool people since the days the port of Liverpool was used to ferry in slaves from across the world for sale to the wealthy. Liverpool people can only see black or white, they don’t understand European so you are either white, black or a Pa.i . My mothers italian BUT the scousers called her a Pa.i , my dads from Cyprus and again he is called a pa.i and i, my brothers and sister were all London born and because we lived in Cyprus and had slightly darker skin when we returned to the UK we were branded as Pakistani too? And that’s as far as the Liverpool people understand. From forty years of living in Liverpool I believe it’s in the blood but also a consequence of heavy drug use by the parents causing the children to be born violent and prospective drug users. Looking at most of the Liverpool child racists, they look almost demonic. Inbreeding is huge in Liverpool too so that is possibly part of the issue too.

  4. Amazing what human being can become. So many choices but far too many choose hatred and blindness.

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