Jack of Hearts…Chapter 7

“It was nice meeting you Tim, but you have to go,” said Ace, handing him his backpack.

“Try again.”

“Don’t make me kill you.”

“Give it your best shot,” he said, baring his chest.  “If you’re looking for a blood offering, I’m willing.  You seem to like that kind of thing.”

“You can’t stay with me,” she said, her bleached blond spiky hair catching the sunlight that was coming through the kitchen window.  “We both know that.  What do you do anyway?  Why were you at the bus station?  Where were you going?”

“I’m not leaving.”


“I can’t,” he said, happily.  “I mean it’s so sunny, you’re so beautiful, and your wearing….”

“Why were you there and where where you going?  Start with where you were coming from?”

“I just came in last night.  I’ve never been here before, so I didn’t know my way around.  I didn’t expect to end up here and…”

“You’re talking but not saying anything,” she sighed.  “Let’s do it this way.  I’ll ask a simple question and you answer it, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, taking her hand, pulling her in for a kiss.  “Ask away.”

“Stand over there and don’t move until I say you can.  Do you understand?” she asked, pointing toward he wall.

“I do understand but I’d rather be touching you,” he said, running his fingers over her lips.

“You know what, just go.  Don’t say anything to anyone about what happened and have a nice life.  I should kill you but you can’t answer the simplest question, so I don’t think you’ll be a real threat.  Besides, you don’t actually know anything.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Please,” she said, sincerely.  “You seem like a nice guy.  Don’t make me hurt you.”

He felt the tip of the blade nip below his third rib.  He felt a dribble of blood run down his side.  He kissed her nose, her eyes and her mouth. “Do what you have to do.  None of it’s real anyway.”

“None of it’s real?”

“In a philosophical way, I mean.  Human lives are short, might as well enjoy yourself while you can, don’t you agree?” he whispered softly, kissing her again.

“I have work to do,” she sighed, leaning into him.  “You are so bad for me.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me,” he chuckled.  “Say it again.”


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