Okay, so…

Remember, a million years ago, there was a book and a saying that said, “I’m okay, You’re okay?”  Well that has always been a lie because everyone is not okay.  People like not my president are not okay and no one can make people like him okay without heavy medication, shock treatment, or incarceration in a mental facility.  I don’t care that he’s insane, I really don’t.  What I care about is the fact that he believes that he has the right to spread his insanity around and pull others into the evil fantasy world in which he lives.

It’s the same for everyone who is like that, not just not my president.  There are religious/right wingers who insist that what they believe should be believed by everyone, whether they like it or not.  The funny thing about people like that is that THEY would NEVER think of changing THEIR point of view for anyone else because they falsely believe that they know everything.

This is just one more thing that divides people.  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said it best: “Your freedom ends where my nose begins.”  See, the people who want to change the laws and take away our freedom don’t change anything about, or for, themselves, just for everyone else.  We can see their hypocrisy, their lies, their hate, because it’s right there…out in the open. Their LIES never end and neither does their manipulation.

I started watching a TED Talk about the division between Americans.  I didn’t get very far, so I can’t speak to what went on between the beginning and the end but when the guest male speaker said that a trump supporter, in a small town, told him, “We aren’t word people,” and that’s why they voted for him, I wanted to, well, go to sleep for about three and a half years.  “Not a word person?”  Does the person draw in the dirt with a stick? Does that mean that people who can’t use words are blind to idiots?  The speaker also said that when not my president told people he would stop trade with China and get our jobs back, he forgot to mention that 87% of the jobs were gone because of automation and only 13% of jobs, including those of the trump family (he didn’t say that part), were going to China. The speaker said, “THE JOBS ARE NEVER COMING BACK,” because they are automated, they didn’t truly GO anywhere.  See, if you’re not able to use words you CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S BEING SAID.  Anyway, the program was about trying to start a conversation between both sides but that’s a joke.  He said family members aren’t speaking to each other and I think that’s good.  Who wants to talk to someone who voted for hate, no matter who they are?  Blood really isn’t thicker than some water but hate is.

“We aren’t word people.”  That’s going to stick with me for a long time. I can’t imagine how they are raising their kids.  More people who won’t be able to use words, I guess.  Maybe their kids don’t go to school…I mean, how could they?  Unless their schools don’t use words to teach and just draw pictures on the board with chalk, I don’t see how they could manage.  What is the alternative to not being word people?  What takes the place of words?  You need words to THINK.  We THINK in words.  We do EVERYTHING with words.  Now you know who elected him and why.  He’s one of them.  He can’t use words either.




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