Mute Swan…


Amazing how many beautiful things there are in the world.  Too bad we aren’t one of them.  We kill beauty, we kill everything.

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10 Responses to Mute Swan…

  1. Heartafire says:

    Man is the most destructive of animals…when will we learn?

    • I don’t think we will. Look at not my president. Most destructive man in every single way. No climate change, destroy the rivers, water, etc. We just get worse and better at destroying thing.

      • Heartafire says:

        I must agree Gigi, it is discouraging and frightening the world we are leaving for the generations to come. Tears.

  2. I agree. The worst part…they won’t know that anything was ever any different.

  3. I love Mute Swans. Did you know that swans are quite aggressive? The difference between swan violence and human violence is that the human mind is so convoluted that it takes on demonic qualities. If we are lucky, we see our mind in action and seek peace.

    • I’m guessing swans don’t hunt. Other species rarely kill for sport or hatred. I agree about peace but I think too many humans enjoy violence to believe that pace will ever exist on a grand scale. Not today, with all the tech we have that can kill anything, anywhere, at anytime. Technology has allowed violence to flourish in ways that we never could have imagined. And violence agains women and children is epidemic. I think, as a species, we move farther from peace everyday. Wars never end anymore. Hatred and greed live in washington. Violence is big business.

  4. The swans like geese have hair trigger aggressive reactions. If you give them space everything is ok. Man….well some of us….relish violence. Man’s inhumanity to man. It is a choice. As technology grows man can maim and kill more efficiently. To those who choose to love it is sad and horrifying. There is no perfect remedy. Would that we all could see that we are all connected and that destruction to one is destruction to yourself.

    • Brainwashing and conditioning, along with greed and hatred, make most people able to see, or think clearly. They pass that from generation to generation and I don’t see how we can stop it. I think, in the end, we will simply destroy ourselves.

      • Could well be……destruction. A second flood. Each one of us in the mean time can behave with love, compassion and charity for Mother Earth and all her creatures and flora. Even one little bit of kindness will enrich us all. With all the political turmoil I sometimes think that we are all sliding down hill into hell. But then we don’t have to travel because hell is right her today and it is frightening to witness man’s inhumanity to man on a picture screen in our homes.

  5. You’re absolutely right. I agree completely. It’s funny how the hatred can over take all the good that people do. It’s like the bad things that happen to people in life are remembered loner than the good things, at least that’s the way it seems, sometimes. The wars are remembered but peace can’t make up for that. It’s as if we are hurt deeply and in places many can’t come back from, such as PTS. Our minds can’t take the cruelty and horror that people do, so they break. That’s what’s happening. People and families are breaking from the hatred and violence, from the horrible politicians that want to drag us down and backward. I don’t know how to stop it. No one does. So we plant flowers when we can but that doesn’t help those who are being harmed. It never will. We can’t make the world a better place while people are being tortured and abused. I don’t think that’s possible. We do what we can but once they destroy the air, water, land, animals, bees and our ability to care, there’s nothing left. These ugly, hateful, greedy men are killing the planet itself. We have no where to go and even if we did, we would be the same species and just start killing things where we ended up…again…because that’s what we are, that’s what we do. And if we really love our children and care about them, how can we allow the things that are happening to continue?

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