Look!!! Green stuff!!!

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14 Responses to Look!!! Green stuff!!!

  1. Always a surprise to see them come up every year.

  2. What are they? Just curious?

    • Orange Daylilies. 🙂

      • Wow….we use to have a ton of them when I was growing up (Iowa)…I have lived in warm climates for so long (San Diego and now Phoenix)…the day lilies in these climates go dormant (no blooms), but the plants stay full!! Spring is coming your way!! Thanks!

      • It’s dark, dreary, gloomy and raining but spring is on it’s way. Unfortunately snow is in the forecast for Thursday but it won’t last, if it actually happens. I bought three tubs of pansies just to remain hopeful. LOLOL You know what it’s like up here. But I’m so looking forward to flowers and the SUN!!!!!!!

      • It’s coming…it’s coming!! Love the Pansies…..

      • Yay!!!! Thank you. I went in the yard today and scraped at the mud and my hostas are looking good. 🙂 Still dark and dreary but it’s 52 degrees, so that’s good:) the sun peeked out for a few minutes, that’s when I went outside and puttered around for a bit. It’s still supposed to snow on Thursday but it’s also supposed to be 42, so it doesn’t make sense, but then what does anymore, right? LOL

      • Exactly….although I do remember a blizzard when I was a teenager that shut Cedar Rapids down for three days…..incredible amount of snow….date: April 9th…..you never know 😎

      • So VERY true. 🙂 Always a surprise. As the saying goes…Chicago has four seasons in one day. That’s very true as well. I’ve enjoyed talking with you (such as it is).

  3. Heartafire says:

    Wow, could it be spring?

  4. We don’t get sun very often. It’s so dark and depressing and a lot of us have SAD so things get pretty miserable. No energy, motivation or drive. So DARK like twilight of dusk all day long, day after day after day. Our weather sucks, no doubt about it. Em wouldn’t even come out to eat, I had to slip her dish under her tarp. I stand in the rain but she won’t come out. LOLOL I can’t let her plate be out there or the skunks will come and they could hurt her. So she’s dry and I’m wet. Ah, yes the things we do for our wee cats. Worth every second of it. ❤

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