Okay, so…

No one is really white.  Take a sheet of typing paper and hold it up to your skin and then you’ll know what white looks like.  No one is brown or black either.  If you paint, you know there are different colors for each color…no one paints a face white.  I guess white just means your ancestors came from Europe.

None of us asked to be who we are.  None of us asked to look the way we do.  Genes aren’t racist, bigoted, discriminatory or hateful, they just are.  Eggs, sperm, genes, don’t think about what they make, they just do what they’re supposed to do, no emotional input needed.

So, here’s the thing.  On some forms there are boxes for White, Hispanic, African American and Other?  I guess “Other” means aliens from a different planet, or Eskimos, Islanders, etc.,  anyone who isn’t color coded.  Most black Americans have never been to Africa.  I’ve never been to Sweden, but I have been to Italy and since my father was 100% Italian, shouldn’t I be listed as Italian/Swedish American instead of White?  And how does a religion become a race?  If a person is Jewish, shouldn’t others be listed as Lutheran or Catholic or non religious?  Jewish people won’t tell you their nationality and just keep telling people what their religion is.  I don’t get it at all.  It’s as if they can’t understand the question.  Using that as a criteria, if a Jewish person asked me what nationality I was I would have to say that I wasn’t religious.  How does that work?

I mean if Hispanic is listed as a category, shouldn’t it be brown, tawny, tan, sun kissed, or something else instead? White people should be pink, orange, red, olive, and pasty.  Right?  I knew a woman who was ashy, white.  She looked like she was dead and she was so white she was scary. The whole issue is insane, unfair, illogical, biased, racist and discriminatory.  Unless your genetic make up has to do with health and specific illnesses that are tied to specific race, there’s no reason to declare what color or ancestry you have.  How does that make sense?  It doesn’t, it just makes it easier to discriminate against people, just like gender and age do.  That’s the real reason for labels in the first place.  We really suck as a species, in every way imaginable.  Almost all of us are mutts.   Everyone knows that mutts are stronger than purebreds.  We love and accept mutts. when it comes to our puppies.  To bad we can’t love and accept each other as people.  Just because I have blue eyes doesn’t mean I deserve more than anyone else.  No one deserves more than anyone else.  We talk about embracing things but we shut others down every chance we get.  We talk about love but teach hate.  Every institution teaches hate, including churches, who top the list.  We emphasize our differences constantly and rarely face the fact that we are all the same species, all human beings.  We talk and talk and talk and never do anything to make things better.  We don’t stop the haters, we toe the line and the worst of us are white because old, icky, white guys made the rules to begin with.  Until we face the violent and hateful things we do as a culture and species, noting will ever change.

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